Secrets: How to Make Money by Solving a Problem

How to Make Money by Solving a Problem

The secrets on how to make money by solving a problem is taking the boldest step in life. Many people have the perception that money is made by people with criminal records and illegal traits. In the capitalist economy, money is paid to those with perceived value. Money is made by people who solves problem and listens to the market around them. What are the problem and your solution around that problem?

You cannot solve a problem and make money when your solution is not scalable. Imagine someone solving a problem with a restaurant? It may not be scalable to me as much as compared to a person who is franchising or software which is more scalable. You still want make money? Solve a problem with the solution that the market is calling for.

Take the world billionaires into consideration, see the kind of solutions they are given to out the market. If want to make money, you have to solve a problem with scalable solution. You are probably working as your job right now but will that make you rich?

Imagine how much you are earning per day and divide by the hours of work at the moment. That will look insane right. If you are earning $20 per hour and you are working for 40 hours a week, it means you will earn in total you earn $3,200.00 every month. Your annual salary will be around $3, 200 multiplied by 12 which is $38, 400.00 with tax and other expenses included. To make a billion dollars, you need to spend almost 24 years in service before achieving that dream. That will mean that you need more years, investment and savings to become a billionaire from your job as an employee.

Have you forgotten inflation from the economy? This is ridiculous. Have you also taking into account the debt from student loans and banks? It will take you more years to make it as expected. Well, getting rich seem like a distant dream but how did others made it at that tender age. Were the billionaires lucky or born into wealth? The truth about those who made early is that they have a better equation that you don’t know.

We don’t only need to become politicians to be successful in life. The wealthiest person knows how to rig the system of money-making that you don’t know yet.

You always come to the realization that making money is a rig game and it has been a rigged game from the start. You are on the losing side of the game. The road of life to success is not going to be easy unless you learn how it is done. Not all of us can achieve that purpose. The unemployment rate keeps increasing, the old are refusing to retire by taking more contract extensions to survive.




There is a blatant lie about the Money you have been fed

What do you think about money? Is it inherited? Is money the root cause of all evil? The reality about money is that, it is influenced about the upbringing of your life. If you were brought up by a rich family, you will definitely believe to be rich grow up. The opposite is not false too.

We are in a society when the young become wealthy; people start to think other way round. We find ourselves in Africa where money making is perceived to be for the politician only or scam. Can’t the youth have the freedom to also make money? Yes, we have to also make money through legitimate ways.

The educational system teaches us to believe differently about money by only chasing jobs. Report shows that about 60% of wealthy people who made it by themselves were born out of poverty. And it is only about 27.7% people made it by inheritance. This tells us that you can make money from anywhere no matter your culture, religion, skin color or beliefs.


Many people including but not limited to:

Warren Buffet who is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is a self-made billionaire. According to Wikipedia, his net worth as at August, 2022, is over $103 billion. He is a self-made billionaire. Warren Buffet is charring several organizations and still making money every day.

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook and other companies is a self-made billionaire. His net worth as at 2022 is over $62.7 billion. He did not blame anyone but turned against the lies of how many think about money. He created a solution to the problems faced by many. Other billionaires such as Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schutz, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Sara Blakely are all self-made billionaires.

They have separate equations as compared to yours. The sole purpose of the educational system is teaching us job, job, job, instead of how to make money by solving a problem of the market. The amount of money you earn depends on how you value your time. The market where you can make your money is the people around you, including your family, friends and the entire society


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The Truth about Wealth and Money

You must check these points well and chasing money won’t make you always make you successful. Why are others paid higher than others even if the low income earner works more? It is about the perceived value that society attaches to them. Check how well the directors of companies are paid as compared to the labourers who sweat entirely day out. The labourer can easily be replaced by anybody. The director or top manager solves problems with solution required by the company. Making money is not about hard you work, but how you get it done well.

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The market is ready to pay well when you solve problems. If you solve a million-dollar problem, society will throw million-dollar money on you. How come billionaires are making more money? It is about the solution they are given the problems of the society.

Think about the problems that Facebook, amazon, twitter and others are solving. They solve problem to make money. Just listen to the market around you and get a solution for that problem. Monetize your solution for the problem you are solving.

How do you identify the Solution for the problem?

Simply look at these problems and get the solution for them.

  • What people are saying that they don’t like
  • What people are complaining about
  • What frustrates the people most
  • What makes people inconvenient
  • What society wishes to get done easily

Finding the Solution to the Problems

The secrets is revealed on how to make money by solve a problem of the market. You must find a scalable solution for the problem you are solving. Find a solution that will not be requiring all your time. If it is scalable, then you are on track to making more money. The unscalable solution is more like the secondary job you are doing. Your solution should not be time bound but it can be the one that is done once and not taking all your time.

Your solution shouldn’t be based on your passion or ego but what the market wants is what you must provide. You must know the secrets and dive into how to make money by solving a problem that exists in your locality.



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The Results of your Solution

The moment your solution is delivered, you will get a reward for that. The society is ready to pay for your solution if it will only solve their problem. It may not be about the price but the solution the person is getting. Some people spend years building a solution for problems and within a twinkle of an eye, they become very rich.

Add more value to your solution. Never solve a problem by creating more problems. Solve a problem the market wants and get paid as you want.

Your vision should not be about the money but about what keeps people frustrated. You cannot make your dream a reality without given value to your time. Stop chasing money and chase solutions to make money. Are you still confused, about how to make money by solving a problem? Read wide, research and provide what is expected. Smiles lie after solution is well delivered. Get people smile and they will make your pocket also smile.