Stayplain Social Media: 5 Ways To Make Money From It

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You have heard of the dominant Stayplain social media app that works like any other network. The world is having most of its population on various social media platforms. It has created a lot of market avenues for many people who know how to use it well with prudence.

Another emerging platform that will shock the market, is the Stayplain social media app. It has the potential of making you rich if you only know how to use its features. The app was launched on December 12, 2021. The wonderful Stayplain social media was created by Israel Acheampong UDS students with the dream of changing the social world.

If you are one of the people who are trying to make money from it without investment, then you won the lottery because this article serves the purpose.

With the use of Stayplain, you don’t need to worry about traffic because it currently has more than 10, 000 active users unlike using a normal website or blog.

What others do not know about the app is that it can help you to make money while sleeping. Let me share with you 5 ways to make money from using the Stayplain social media platform.

What to Do Before Making Money from Stayplain

Although you don’t need to invest any money before making money, you need your time, diligence, dedication, and innovation. There are no magic ways to make money with this system.

Check out the commencement processes

  1. Get your Account Signed Up: you must first get your account with the platform. It is just easy to signup with your email, username, full name, and age
  2. Grow your members: Now you have to grow your members who follow you on the system. Stayplain does not have limited members as your friend.
  3. Share Post: Use the platform to share your products or services with the people on the platform. It can be in the form of banners, videos, or ads display.
  4. Run Ads: you also have the ads section to run ads on your products or services to your member of the Stayplain app.


1. Become Stayplain blogger

The app allows you to post your articles with fewer restrictions. This is a secret feature of Stayplain’s social media blog section on the platform.

You are given the opportunity on the platform to tell the world what you have. You can use this opportunity to sell your affiliate products or anything to your readers.

This is a unique platform to practice blogging and make the ultimate income you expect.

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2. Get Influencers to Market Your Products

Influencers are those with many followers on the page. Most of them have verified accounts on their personalized accounts. It is very easy to get them to advertise your products or services for you.

You can choose to build a strong niche and use that to influence your audience. Use that opportunity to build public trust. You can do direct promotions or market for others. You can also become an influencer yourself as you get more followers on the platform.

3. Sell your affiliate Products

Do you know anything about affiliate marketing? It is about selling products of others without personally having them in your production.

You don’t need to produce that product but just sell it for commission. Affiliate programs like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Digistore24, market health, and others, give you more than 50% commission on every single product sold.

As a member of Stayplain social media, you can leverage that opportunity to sell your product to your members.

Before you sell any product, try to have a landing page for easy useability. It helps to get more leads than directly selling on the platform.

4. Create Business Consultancy

With the emerging economic crisis, many entrepreneurs want their businesses to strive and survive the impacts. If you have any knowledge of business, create a brand to teach them for a fee.

Build a trusted brand, and use it to get your followers to buy into your idea. People are willing to pay for services that can change the face of their business.

Hit that nod for business people to link up with you. Make sure you fulfill any promise you make to your customers and deliver as described.

5. Make Money from the Stayplain Market

Do you know that Stayplain is having market section? It is written or named “Yenni Dwa”. You can display all your product in the market section to get more traffic. Sell and make more profit from this amazing app. You are allowed to place your item there with no restrictions. Add pictures, videos, and anything there for your business can display there for potential customers.,