The 10 Most Popular Motorcycles in 2022

Most Popular Motorcycles
Most Popular Motorcycles

As the popularity of motorcycles and scooters continues to rise, they are quickly becoming the vehicles of choice. However, as with any type of vehicle, there are a wide variety of different types and models on the market.

Will the 10 most popular motorcycles still be popular in 2023?

To decide which motorcycles will be the most popular in 2022, data was collected via a survey that determined which bikes their owners would most like to buy. The survey asked questions about the top five best-selling motorcycles of 2018.

Out of those five, three were Harley-Davidsons. Harley made up two percent of all motorcycle sales this year thanks to its huge marketing reach and high price tag compared to other brands in its class. In 2022, the most popular bikes for sale were Harley-Davidson Sportsters, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Honda Goldwing, and Honda Silverwing.

This article provides a list of the 10 most popular motorcycles in 2022, complete with information on what makes them popular and how much some may cost! Let’s go through some of them quickly:

1. MV Augusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 Motors

MV Augusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 MotorsAs top popular motorcycles
MV Augusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 Motors

This is one of the greatest motorbikes in the market. It has a unique speed as the manufacturers did a great job on it. It has about 120 horsepower and is fit for all the long riding by motorists.

2. Beta 450RX

top popular motorcycles; Beta 450RX
Beta 450RX

It serves all the purposes for which many cycle lovers do. It has not changed much in 2022 as compared to the 2021 model. They have innovative manufacturing designs for the type of motorbikes they bring to the market.

3. Aprilia Tuareg 660

Aprilia Tuareg 660
Aprilia Tuareg 660

Another classic motorbike in the year 2022 also can be used for adventurous purposes. It has a strong body model which can be used on almost every rough road without hesitation.

4. Ducati Streetfighter V2

Ducati Streetfighter V2
Ducati Streetfighter V2

This motorbike has over 150 horsepower and is an amazing model that needs to be looked at.  In 2020, it cost about $16,495 but the 2022 model may be quite higher in terms of cost.

5. Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Triumph Tiger Sport 660
Triumph Tiger Sport 660

This is another amazing motorbike made in a tiger-looking model. It has good speed and a module is uniquely designed to help riders have a good feeling of it. It may cost you the base price of $9,295 to get one of Triumph Tiger Sport 660. This is classified as one of the most Popular Motorcycles in 2022.

6. Yamaha R6 GYTR

Yamaha R6 GYTR
Yamaha R6 GYTR

This is another pretty motorbike captured as part of our most popular motorcycles in 2022.  It is a great motor from the Yamaha group of companies. It looks super and has a great engine for motorcycle users. If you are a cyclist or motorracer, then this is the best motor for you.

7. 2022 Indian FTR

2022 Indian FTR 1200 range to debut in India soon | NewsBytes

Motorbikes are of categories, in terms of physical looks, engine capacity, speed, and probably how durable they will be. Indian FTR was built to meet the demand of motor users in diverse situations. It is nice to work out to meet the market request and satisfy customer’s interest.

8. Honda Grom made for 2022

2022 Honda Grom Review-First Ride - Autobala


The outstanding company that wins awards always has emerged with  Honda Grom 2022 which is a 124.9cc bare cruiser that was presented in 2014. Intended for solace, the thickly cushioned seat is put low to assist you with moving at low speed in parking areas when the level balance is unavoidable.

9. 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000

Suzuki Cycles - 2022 GSX-S1000

These are the great motor that is classified as the most popular motorcycles in 2022. The bike was earlier introduced in 2015 for 2016 use and the type on the market. The company has been changing its product models and recently changed to 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000.

10. 2022 Honda Goldwing

most popular motor
credit: CJ Ball

Nicely designed motorbikes have left many wondering the possible ways to get one to buy. Its physical appearance is attracting all eyes not to talk of its speed. As part of our research, it is part of the most popular motorcycles in 2022 and beyond.

What will be the top 10 most popular motorcycles  in 2022, and what makes those motorcycles different from others?

Based on the most popular motorcycles of 2020, this list will include changes to the top 10 most popular motorcycles in 2022. For example, Honda’s CBR250RR will be replaced by a more fuel-efficient motorcycle, but Honda’s VFR800F will be added to the list.

These motorcycles are a representation of both the modern, high-tech world we live in and the classic motorbike. They have an aluminum chassis with innovative electric and hybrid technology, aerodynamic designs with tactical elements, and more

What trends will these bikes take on, and how will they compare to other trends?

It is hard to tell what trends these motorcycles will take on in the next ten years, and how they compare to other trends. It’s possible that in 20-22 there will be a shift away from expensive, fuel-guzzling bikes as more environmentally friendly options come into the market.

This blog is mostly about motorcycles, but it’s also helpful to see what the most popular trends will be in 2022. The most popular trend in motorcycling seems to be electric motorcycles and scooters. Other popular trends include power steering, front, and rear suspension, and full-carbon fiber frames.


Though some of these may not be the most popular motorcycles in 2022, they are still some of the most popular motorcycles that will be on the market.

What’s the most popular motorcycle in 2022? A lot of people think that they have to wait and see. Of course, many factors will influence a motorcycle’s demand and popularity, but we’re here to tell you that some of the most popular motorcycles in 2022 include Yamaha XSR700, Ducati Diavel 1200S, Honda VTEC Nighthawk 800R Make sure you read more about our list.