The Ghana Police Have Arrested a Father for Allegedly Raping His Biological Daughter

The undisclosed man who is the father to the 18-year-old girl has been arrested by the Kasoa District Police Command for allegedly raping his own biological daughter since the girl was only 12 years old.\

The Ghana Police Have Arrested a Father for Allegedly Raping His Biological Daughter

This heartbreaking story was reported by TV UTV based in Accra and monitored by our team worldtrending247.

The victim who was only 12 years old when his perverse father started taking advantage of her is now 18 years old. Her name has been withheld from the public for her safety and to protect her dignity. However, the accused, her father is in the person of Fetteh Kakraba.

According to the victim’s report whose name has been withheld, she was first raped when she was 12 years old and her father has ever since then been raping her every time he pleases.

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She mentioned how she has been facing this horrifying act of abuse over the last six years of her life, and she even tried to seek help from her own mother she did nothing to rescue the poor innocent girl.

Sometimes her stepmother would even make fun of her when even ever she reported her father’s abuse to her but she will call her a ‘bad child’, she mentioned.

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According to the news report, the victim was brave enough to come forward with her story to the Ghana Police Service’s Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) because she was concerned for the safety of her 12-year-old sister and worried that her father could also sexually abuse her.

According to the story, the girl has been living in constant terror since her father allegedly threatened to murder her if she notified anybody. No girl should ever have to go through such horror and torture under the care of a father but her story is just one out of the many out there.


She didn’t get the fortitude to inform the authorities about her father until she no longer thought she could shield her younger sister.

The Kasoa DOVVSU has detained the suspect for interrogation, and he will be arraigned in court this Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

We thank the girl for her bravery in coming out to report the case to the police and we hope the police and the enforcement deal with the man to the full extent of the law.

As the case goes to course we will keep you in touch with the story and update you.

Source: GhanaWeb