Top 10 Survey Sites for Earning Extra Income in 2023

Survey sites that help money making

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the best survey sites that have gained popularity in 2023. Include a brief overview of each site, their earning potential, user reviews, and tips for maximizing earnings as an online worker. I will walk you through the cons and pros of these survey sites and the best ways to earn more.

Note: With this kind of online job, it may be difficult to make it so quickly if you are not patient. I also have to make it clear that some of the sites are fake and will never pay you after completing the numerous tasks. In order not to be a victim, I did my research to help you with these 10 survey sites so you can make money at your convenience.

1. Participate in Swagbucks Surveys

Survey sites to earn
Survey sites to earn

This is ranked number one on our list because we have been making extra money from them for a couple of years. They pay as promised after completing the work given.

This site pays very well, and they offer so many surveys a day for you and endless possibilities for you to earn. You can equally start with some free money, which is their sign-up bonus.

You can visit the site to sign up now and get a $10 signup bonus. You only need to enter your email address or use your social media account to start.

With Swagbucks, you have so many opportunities to earn, including watching ads, playing games, and shopping online in the evening.

They offer so many ways to make extra money online and give you the best-paid survey you can ever get.

Another way to get rewards from Swagbucks is to make time to fill out your profile as you join. Great ways for you to also earn are to use the Swagbucks Google extension for online purchases, watching movies, and others.

After you make all the money from this site, you can withdraw with PayPal or a gift card.


2. KashKicks Surveys

This is another top-paid survey site that can help you make money through playing games, buying online, and many others. This is a free website to join and make money from surveys.

When you join this platform, you can get games like bingo blitz, wordscapes, and others as you win more and more. These sites pay you rewards when you sign up with them.

Start earning now from their website.

3. Branded Surveys

This is one of the top-rated survey sites that is helping many online workers to make extra money online. With branded surveys, you can get from 5 to 500 points per survey and every 500 points is quantified as $5 which will be dropped in your wallet.

You can explore this website to check on how to make some dollars as an online worker. One of the interesting facts about this site is that you can get paid by PayPal or a gift card for Spotify and others.

Taking surveys will help you get rewards in gift cards and also reduce your monthly expenditures.

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4.  Make Money with i-Say (IPSOS)

This survey site will help you make 10 Euros and more a month. To know more about them, you have to read all the terms and conditions regarding surveys without flouting their rules.

This is one of the largest survey networks you can find, and it is the best-paying as well. Companies with a research base use this platform to try their products or services. The amount per survey on this platform is not less than 1 euro. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 10 euros.

You can join this platform by just signing up with your email or Facebook account. Why not give it a try? if you want to make money online?


5. YSense Survey

This is one of the top-notch sites for surveys that pay as promised.  They offer a lot of rewards for those who join. YSense offers rewards in terms of money for finishing tasks, offers, and other daily activities. They also give you money for downloading apps.

You can get paid through PayPal, Skrill, amazon gift cards, and the rest. They allow many people to join from other parts of the world as compared to other survey sites, which restrict many people.

The overall rating for this site is 4.7 out of 5. You have the option to create a free account at this time.

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6. OnePoll Survey

By signing up with One Poll, you get a welcome bonus of $5. They are also one of the greatest survey sites you can get if you explore the internet to make some money.

They provide surveys to the press and other major brands. You can reward by cash or PayPal payment. You can get paid up to 1 euro per survey. The minimum withdrawal for this site is 40 Euros.

This is one of the first survey platforms in the United Kingdom. Look out for this website to make extra money on the site. It is not difficult to make money from the website.

Please register at this website immediately!


7. LifePoints Surveys

This website allows you to make up to 5 pounds every hour. This popular site is the result of the merger of MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. You get rewards for joining the platform to make money.

You can make $1 per survey you participate in. The minimum withdrawal for the LifePoints survey is $5 equivalent to 500 points.

They are one of the sites where we get paid well as we try to make extra money. You can earn not less than $5 per hour working on a survey with LifePoints surveys.

Register with them now and start earning as they send you some surveys to complete. Please click on the registration link provided to sign up.

8. Make Money with Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is one of the popular survey sites you might have come across on the internet. This has just been launched in the UK you can try your hands on it.

You will receive your payment by PayPal when you reach 5 euros for the work you do. You will receive points for signing up and other rewards when you answer some profile questions.

You can register and start receiving surveys that will make you money. With survey junkie, every 1000 points will give $10 that you can cash out.


9. InboxDollars Survey Sites

I am a fan of this website, and many other people love using it. You do not need to miss out on the opportunity to make money with this site if you are an online worker.

You can earn points with InboxDollars that will be converted into cash. These points are earned through playing games and other activities.

With them, you get updates to your email if new surveys are released. If you like fun games, then this site can help you play and still earn money. Register here to make money.



10. Opinion Outpost

Get paid by sharing your opinion. This will help you make extra money online to cover your expenses.

You will just join this platform for free without paying anything to make money. You will receive updates on new surveys in your email.

It is easy to answer their questions. You can make $1 per survey from Opinion Outpost. With just a $10 threshold, you can withdraw your money.

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