Vanessa, Funny Face’s Baby Mama, Discloses She Rushed into A Hasty Relationship and Became a Parent Too Early

Vanessa Nicole in an interview with Kwaku Manu disclosed that she rushed into a relationship with his baby daddy and for this she regrets it. The ex-girlfriend of the Ghanaian comedian Funny Face and the comedian had they fallout a few years ago due to a misunderstanding between the two. The two therefore decided to go their separate ways although they have three children together.

When the news of their misunderstandings first came out, many were surprised and got a lot of media attention until finally they officially broke up in 2020.

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Vanessa Nicole narrated that the two met and after a month she discovered she was pregnant for Funny Face and things became good at the beginning.

She regrettably recalled that it was all a mistake and things should have not gotten that far but it happened anyway. She however did not blame only Mr. Funny Face but said it was both their fault because they did not study each other well to get to know themselves betters and that is probably the cause of their separation.

She narrated how she got pregnant within one month of meeting Mr. Funny Face saying it was all premature and unplanned. She disclosed this in the interview.

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Away from what happened in her relationship, she mentioned that the father of her three (3) children has not taken fatherly responsibility for her kids for over a year now.

She however cleared the air that she has not in any way prevented Mr. Funny Face from seeing the children and whenever the children want to see their dad, she would allow it hence it will be false for anyone to accuse her of denying her children the opportunity to see their dad.

She categorically mentioned that it has been over a year since Funny Face made contact with the children. She said “The last time the children and I saw him was when we visited him in Accra. If anyone knows me, then you will realize that I am not selfish and I can’t wait to hear him say, “Bring the kids over during vacation.” I have no right to prevent our children from seeing him if he makes that request. We don’t have bad blood, but it doesn’t mean I want us back. I only want us to be co-parents. It is not my decision, and a woman does not marry a guy.

She also added that she loves her children so much that she took time off her acting career to take care of her children.

She also told viewers how this trauma has made her do so many tattoos for herself reminding her of the things she has been through. She stated she has about 20 tattoos and each of them has its own significant meaning.

Source: Ghanaweb