Warrior Plus Affiliate Network: Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our blog, we are happy to walk you through the ins and outs of the Warrior Plus affiliate network. The best way to earn from an affiliate network is to know the best product to sell to your customers. You must understand the tricks in marketing and the procedure to promote the product or services you choose. 

Signals of Warrior Plus affiliate commissions or revenue
Earnings from affiliate marketing

What is the Warrior Plus affiliate network?

Warrior Plus is an affiliate marketing platform that allows affiliate marketers to sell their digital products for a commission and buyers also buy their digital products. Sellers can list their products like ebooks, software, courses, and others on the Warrior Plus platform. Affiliates on this platform can promote other people’s products to earn commission when sales are made. 


How to join Warrior Plus?

To join this network as an affiliate marketer you first have to visit their website thus: warriorplus.com to sign up with your active email, name, and username. 

Ensure you fill in your profile information to make it easy. Proceed to add payment details to get paid when you make any sales. 


You will now be given your affiliate link to begin promoting any product you wish to promote. Choose a product you can promote when you are on the platform. 


It costs nothing to become or be a member of WarriorPlus. Rather than that, vendors pay fees based on each transaction, and those fees are subtracted before any additional payouts or commissions are computed. 4.9% + 10c is the normal charge per transaction. 


Most individuals receive commissions every thirty days and are directly put into their WarriorPlus accounts. On the other hand, you may receive payment every three, seven, or fourteen to twenty-one days, depending on your score.


How to Promote Products on Affiliate Network

There are many ways to promote affiliate products, but choosing the best to succeed depends on you. You have to put in the work before succeeding in this business as an affiliate. To promote products from this affiliate platform, you need to go to the affiliate section, visit the offers section, and find the offer you want to promote. 

You can now click the green link button next to the offer to get your affiliate link for promotion. You may promote your affiliate link using social media, blogging, or videos on YouTube explainer videos and other platforms. 

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How to get traffic to your affiliate products

Getting people to buy what you sell online can be tough, and one must get the ideas to turn things around for the best. But there are some tips that I can share with you to get organic traffic to your products.

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Blog post

Many bloggers are making money a lot from affiliate marketing. This is by embedding your affiliate link in your blog post for readers to click to buy. You earn commission from any sale you make through your affiliate link. You can equally add banners to your blog as an advertisement for your audience to buy. 


Post on Instagram

You cannot post directly on Instagram when you want to earn a commission. Some social media platforms do not allow posting direct affiliate links, and Instagram is one of them. To be able to market using this platform, add the link to your bio by using a link shortener to keep the affiliate link different. 


Publish Videos on TikTok or YouTube

Post videos short videos on TikTok or YouTube to explain about your products. This can help you sell your products to customers easily. This is one of the best ways others get Warrior Plus affiliate commission. 


Go on Facebook live 

Meet your Facebook followers to explain why they need to buy the product you are marketing. Facebook currently has more than 1 billion followers and having a live video will help you make a sale. 

Try using Pinterest

Pinterest is also another place to help affiliates make good commissions. If you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing business, I will urge you to start using Pinterest to get your sales. Pinterest works perfectly for affiliate marketers especially if you are dealing with health and wellness products, finance, business, and relationships products. Advertise with Pinterest business to get your affiliate sales commission.


How to select the best Warrior Plus product

To be different from other affiliate marketers, start with popular but less promoted products from the Warrior Plus marketplace. Start doing your research about the selected product to know whether people need it. 

Most people make the mistake of promoting products just as they see the price and the commission they might earn when sales are made. Yes, it is good to make money but you can’t make money from the wrong or bad product. Sell quality to earn a living. 


Tips about affiliate marketing

Make sure that you are selling what your audience wants but not what you want.


Create quality content based on SEO strategies to drive quality traffic to your products


Be consistent in your promotion and invest more in your time to learn the strategies in affiliate marketing


Create a funnel to remind your clients of the availability of your products and how best they can help them. 


Create an email list to get more emails to send them messages about your products.


Convert your clicks to sales by giving out the right pieces of information for people to buy from you.