DS Construction Ltd is recruiting experienced welders to be employed. We are hiring a Fabricator/Welder at DS Construction Limited to work with us at our head office located at Nima, Accra. We are looking for someone with a lot of experience in welding and fabrication to work with us. You should be able to will cut, join, and shape metal and other materials using our high-tech tools from our production areas. You will also be tasked with ensuring that the specifications for each item are met and on time.


Location: Nima, Accra at D.S. Construction Limited

Contract Type: Full time

Profession: Fabricator/Welder

Salary: competitive


  1. You should be able to work in a completely open way to help and take part in all team activities that aim to meet production and product quality goals.
  2. Tasked with ensuring that all actions meet our safety requirements
  3. Report any quality or safety problems encounter to the Leading Hand if the problem cannot be fixed right fixed away.
  4. Performed all tasks assigned by the leading hand and other members of the Management Team as long as they conformed with the safety rules and protocols.
  5. Report and disclose information on all tasks completed to the Management Team
  6. Be a team player and also be willing to work in a team to reach goals and targets.
  7. To help train others, such as shift teams and contractors, so that they can learn high standards and improve their engineering skills for the good of the business as a whole.

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  1. Must be in the field of Welding and fabrication.
  2. Must have worked in a safe method of work in the past.
  3. A certificate in mechanical engineering and a proven safety certificate would be a plus.
  4. Must have good communication skills and be able to get along with people
  5. Before doing jobs, write down risk assessments and safe ways to work.
  6. Knowledge of the Quality Assurance method.
  7. Be able to cut, form, and shape fabrications and do the fixes that go along with them.
  8. 5+ years of experience dealing with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials in thicknesses from less than 3mm to more than 100mm.
  9. Must have the skill to work with heavy manufacturing and plating tools, like Pyramid Rolls, Bending/Folding Machines,
  10. Shearing Machines, Radial Arms Drills, and Nibbling, Punching, and Cropping Machines, and to be able to do so.
  11. A certification in welding is a plus.
  12. Knowledge of engineering and science and a keen eye for detail
  13. Being able to do things with your hands
  14. Simple numbers and drawing skills.

How To Apply To DS Construction Limited

To apply send your C.V. to: info@dscons-gh.com

Closing Date: 4th July 2023