What Happened To Ruger Eye? Fact Checked

Ruger with an eye patch

Who is Ruger?

Many keep asking what happened to Ruger eye. We will say categorically that nothing is worrying Ruger’s eye. Ruger is a Nigerian risen musician with a lot of hit songs. His actual name is Michael Adebayo Olayinka.

His stage name in terms of the music Irena is Ruger. Since he appeared in the music scene, he appears with an eye patch leaving many fans thinking he is having an eye problem.

And any day he fails to wear an eye patch, he uses tinted sunglass making it difficult to see his eye. Many conclude that he is blind in his left eye but it is never so.

What exactly happened to Ruger eye?

We indicated earlier that nothing is worrying his eye. It is a brand he choose to be identified within the industry. This has left many fans worried about his eye. In a recent interview on Max FM, Ruger revealed that he has no problem with his eye. Despite the eye patch he uses when performing, he insisted that nothing is worrying him.

He mentioned in the radio interview that it is an act of respect for someone. He failed to mention that person but further explained that it is the brand he chose. “I don’t change the eye cover and it is just on the left eye. I don’t have any eye problem but just my signature.”

On one of his Instagram posts, he posted a picture of him without an eye patch. This was done to disprove the rumors that he was blind in the left eye.

Is Ruger Blind or Not?

What happened to Ruger eye? He insists on various platforms that nothing like blindness is worrying his left eye. He can see it clearly without any problem. He chose that brand to make him different.

He mentioned that the eye patch goes with his stage name Ruger. He further said that a sniper always covers one of his eyes anytime he is about to shoot at his target. According to the music star, he does that to be able to concentrate well on his music and hit on target.

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He means that he doesn’t shoot literally but his music is what he wants to focus on shooting targets. He doesn’t mean to shoot with a gun but to get his target in the music well-focused.

What is the meaning of Ruger?

Ruger actually means renowned spear. Others also used it in English name as Roger. The name Ruger is the most popular German name which is given to a boy. It can also be referred to as a famous spear.

Does the covering of the Ruger eye symbolize cultism?

No Ruger is not a cultist. He just created a brand that makes him unique in the music industry. Some linked it to cultism but the music star is never one of those group members. He explained that is his signature. He also uses this to acknowledge someone.

Is Ruger having a Picture without an eye Patch?

Yes, he is having a picture without an eye patch. He showed the world and his fans that he is not a blind person. With the current viral picture on the internet, Ruger has no eye problem.

Without eye patch 

Biography of Ruger

The musician’s actual name is Michael Adebayo Olayinka with the stage name Ruger. He is signed up to a Nigerian record label known as Jonzing World Record. As of the year 2022, Ruger is 23 years born on September 23, 1999.

He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is Yoruba by the tribe. What happened to Ruger eye? Nothing happened to his eye but just a brand name.

His net worth currently ranges between $100,000 to $300,000.

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Is Ruger Having A Girlfriend?

None of Ruger’s discussions ever mentioned his girlfriend’s issue or relationship. It is unknown now whether he is having a girlfriend or not. Worldtrending247 group will update you if we get any information about his girlfriend.


Frequently Asked Question

Is Ruger blind?

No, Ruger is not blind but just a brand in music craft.

Who is Ruger’s Girlfriend?

It is unknown now who Ruger’s girlfriend is.

What happened to Ruger eye?

Nothing happened to his eye. It is meant for identity.