Do you Stay In One?

compound house
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Have you ever lived in a compound house before? Are you new in a house full of noise, chuckles, gossips, and rudeness from cotenants and or many issues? Don’t worry we are all in it together. I stayed in one for 3 years and was able to overcome all with these lifestyle habits.

In some cases, the occupants of the house are family members, and in other cases, people from different places are the tenants. Sometimes, the owner of the house lives in the same house while it isn’t so in another compound house.

There are ups and down in living in a compound house i.e. quarreling, gossiping, noise-making, intolerance, unnecessary issues, etc. For that reason, one needs to practice certain lifestyle habits to be able to live peacefully in a compound house.

The following are 10 lifestyle habits to practice in the compound house;

1. Abide by the rules and rosters of the house

There is a saying that, ” Where there are laws, there is peace”. The people will be able to enjoy this peace if and only if they adhere to the laws. As a tenant, you need to pay head to rules in the house and perform your roster duties. If it’s your turn to sweep, mop and scrub, don’t wait to be told to do it, do it as quickly as possible.

2. Settle your bills on time

The habit of not paying off your bills on time can result in so many crises and sometimes lead to conflict between tenants and house owners. The rent, electricity, and water bills must be settle before the time to pay is due. To avoid any conflict, one needs to budget for these important bills before the month ends.

3. Respect the right of your co-tenants

To be able to live harmoniously with your colleagues in a compound house, one needs to cherish the right of their co-dwellers.

It is said that “where one’s right ends, that is where others right begin.”

Don’t shout on top of your voice, Do not play loud music, and also stop making unnecessary noise for the sake of your right because you might not know the damage you are causing to others.

4. Tolerate the views of other tenants

Sometimes the landlord summons all tenants for a meeting to address any issues that might pop up in the house. Every tenant will be given a chance to express his/her view. After you have a chance to speak, allow others to speak their minds without any interference. If you try to stop them from speaking their mind, it can lead to conflict. So tolerate others’ views.

5. Never gossip about others

The habits of gossip must be avoided if one wants to live peacefully in a compound house. You don’t have to pose your nose in others’ affairs. Some people go to the extent of spying on other tenants to get information about them and sell them to other tenants or the public. If you are that kind of person, put an end to it because you are inviting trouble for yourself. When you hear or get any bad thing about them, approach them and tell them rather than gossiping in their absence. This habit of gossip can reduce the respect people have for you and you may lose your integrity.

6. Be sociable and kind to everyone

It cost you nothing to be free and kind to everyone. We are humans and we will need one another to be able to live. Don’t be rude to your neighbors rather learn to be kind to everyone. Stop frowning your face and replace it with a good gesture. This will help to build a relationship with them. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you might need their help.

7. Avoid fighting and scampering with others

In the compound house, it is likely to see people fighting all the time due to some misunderstandings. You are going to encounter several challenges with your co-tenants but your ability to resolve them makes you unique.  You are living with human beings and for that reason, they are likely to offend you. Don’t harbor it in you let them know their offense and forgive them. This will earns you more respect and it will show that you are matured.

8. Don’t intrude in others’ affairs

I mean mind your own business. Don’t pose your nose in others’ affairs. Enjoy your privacy and allow others to do the same. Your personal information is for you and you alone, the same as your co-tenants. Value their privacy and they will protect yours as well.

9. Support them if you can

People living in a compound house are like a family. They have to support one another both in good and bad times. When your neighbors need financial support and you know you can help, do so without any hesitation. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will also run to them for help. Again, when they are attending any social events, don’t exempt yourself out. Support them now and you will be supported later.

10. Get a Good Name

If I say get a good name, I don’t mean you should change your name, but let people say good things about you. There is a saying that, “Good name is better than riches”. If your neighbors begin to say good things about you, you earn the respect of the entire community, not your co-tenants alone.

In a nutshell, compound houses are compounded with so many challenges but the lifestyle you adopt will determine whether you will enjoy your stay there. Follow the rules, pay your bills, and perform the duties that will be assigned to you and you will appreciate your stay in the compound house.

Do you have any contrary view in living in a compound house that you want the world to also know?