Deep Secret about Real Estate Business in Ghana

A building with key in front of the door: How to start a real estate business in Ghana

Starting a business is fun but full of adversities. You’ll need to understand the business environment and what is required. The real estate business is not an exception but also requires the technical know-how and  for it to commence. This article will guide you through the secrets to starting a real estate business in Ghana.

The industry of real estate business is known to be booming in Ghana but it requires caution when investing your money it. Our focus here is to help people to start real estate business and succeed in it. You can become a business guru if  you follow this post till the last word.

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1. Do a good market research

Business is about what the market wants and nothing else. To start a real estate business in Ghana, you have to understand the market demand and supply.

When you conduct a good market research, it will help you to identify the pitfalls and opportunities to grab in the business. This market research will also help you to make an informed decision after getting to know what your potential customers want.

This business can be done at your local real market especially areas where you want to establish your business. It is prudent to conduct a research on trends in properties values, rates in rents, as well as vacancy rates at your area of interest to invest.

In your research, you will be able to know what works and what does not work at each place in terms investing in properties. What is the demand and supply level at your place?

It is through your market research that will help you to identify what to bring on board as a real estate investor.


2. Write a Business Plan

After conducting your market research, all you need now is to get your comprehensive business plan to guide you in achieving that dream.

Begin your business with a plan to help you know the direction of your business. The business plan will guide you to make an informed decision about where to go and where you are now.

This business plan should include the type of properties you will want to invest your money in. This plan should outline your goals, objectives, and the strategies to succeed in your business.

A business plan is a blueprint of every business ranging from the goals and objectives of the business. So as real estate investor, draft a comprehensive business plan that can lead you to achieve your goals.

This will also guide you on the type of staff to work with and the technology to adopt to enhance your work. Keep this business plan up to date and revise it when necessary to be able to meet your client’s needs.


3. Connect well with other business partners

In every business, there are expects and gurus in it. As you manage to start a real estate business in Ghana, you will have to link up with other partners to grow your business.

As a newbie in the industry, you may find it challenging to get customers or understand how things work. Get your connection right with business minded people.

This networking you are building can include business agencies, attorneys, accountants, contractors and other stakeholders who can give you good advice.

Don’t just build a network, but build a lasting relationship for your business growth. If you have any special skills or services, try to help other investors for exchange of advice in the industry.


4. Get Financial Backings

This type of business is financially draining and requires owners to seek for external support to be able to expand and even acquire new properties. Real estate investors may get their financial support from banks, individuals, friends and family members.

Everything in real estate is about money so owners must be well prepared before starting.

Start small to grow in it even if you do not have enough cash to begin. Get to understand how things work. Use these identifiable structures and revelations to build your real estate business.

You may get assistance financially from other people who are gives out business loans  of money to entrepreneurs.

When you are beginning from the scratch, it is not advisable to take bank loans with higher interest rate.


 5. Know your competitors

Know who your competitors are and how they are handling their business. You must do things differently and add value to your business better than that of your competitors.

When making an offer,, align your investment opportunities to meet what you are doing. Do not be in a hurry to make money by throwing away your money but invest with prudence.

Understand what others are doing in handling their creditors or debtors, study their business plans to get the full ideas.

How are your competitors pricing their rent? And how they are getting their new client should also be a matter of concern to you. Keep these strategies to make your work flexible.

Do your research on recent sales and rental sales that your competitors are doing to determine the property market.

What new things are you bringing to the real estate business? This will make you different in the market and get the trust of your customers.

6. Proper Maintenance

You would have to maintain your property effectively if you actually mean business. This practice helps you to maximize your profit or returns as well as manage your risk in the business.

Invest well in effective software for your properties. This will go a long way to help you minimize risk in your real estate business.

Real estate business in Ghana requires people who invest their time and maintain their property well to grab public interest.

Some of the maintenance include good maintenance of your properties, screening your tenants, taking your rents and proper handling of issues that may arise.

Invest well in property management software’s that may help you good assurance in your real estate business.

Set clear arrangements with those who rents from you and establish good policies for rent collection, maintenance and property repairs.

Don’t wait to get complain from tenants before taking actions. But regularly check on your properties, identify any repairs and work all out. Treat your tenants well and address any problems that arise there amicably.

If you actually want to reduce vacancy rates, then you must maintain your property frequently. These practices will help you to achieve your investment goals and expand your business.

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7. Connect well with other partners

Building a strong network in this industry will help you to identify potential investment opportunities and other areas of interest. It gives you the chance to learn new things and the best ways to improve your business.


8. Be Consistent and Patient

When you ask about the secret of the real estate business in Ghana, I will urge you to be patient in your business portofolio.

You are building an empire of business and success, so keep faith without rushing. Such business requires commitment and patience.

This business may take a longer time to be successful so you don’t need to rush to get rich quickly.

Go through your portfolio and change what is not working well for you. Regularly review your plan and maintain the property well if only you want to succeed.



If you want to be successful and make money from the real estate business in Ghana, you must be committed, and patient and follow the rules in this post. Keep learning from other people and embrace failures as a guide to help you achieve your business dream.