10 Best Local Machine Shops in Ghana With Amazing Works

Ghana is an industrial country found in the western part of Africa. Some of Ghana’s best local machine shops produce the best consumer products.

And these local shops are doing well to supply the best to the citizens of Ghana. They also export a percentage of these productions to their neighbors.

To mention a few, we have selected the 10 best local machine shops in Ghana you can buy a machine from. 

A lady holding a machine at local machine shop
Local machine shop

1. European Machine Tools Ghana Ltd

European Machine Tools Ghana Ltd. is one of the top suppliers of machines in Ghana. They are located in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. This company deals in CNC and conventional machines in Ghana.

They supply many machines, including the faim aluminum profiling machine, the lilliput profile drilling machine, the Gray belt sender, and many more. 

You can buy from them by visiting their website or just walking to their shop to buy any machine you prefer to get from them. 


2. Metal Roll Forming Machinery

Metal Rolling machine shop
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They primarily sell building supplies and roofing materials. They produce roll formers, steel and aluminum roll-forming machines, and other related products. They are a Chinese manufacturing company with a branch in Ghana that supplies excellent building tools. Some of the products or items they manufacture include: Corrugated Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Trapezoidal Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, IBR Profile Roof Sheeting Machine, Corrugated Iron Roof Profile Sheeting Machine, Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine, Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine, Rain Water Valley Gutter Manufacturing Machine, Flashing Making Machine, C & Z Profile Purlin Roll Former, Galvanized Steel Floor Deck Rollformer, Highway Guard Rail Rolling Mill, Stud & Track and Channel Roll Forming Machine. You can get these local machine shops in Ghana to help you address your building needs and other determining factors. 


3. Multrix Ltd

Local machine shops in Ghana produce sanitary ware
Local Machine shop

You can find this company in Accra, Amasaman-Toman Bus Stop, Ga West Municipality, in the greater region of the country. This company provides comprehensive and competitive engineering work to its customers. 


In Ghana, Multix Ltd. is also involved in the trade of building supplies, such as sanitary ware, and other products, as well as construction, firefighting, and plumbing.

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4. Resitech Limited

You cannot talk about top local machine shops in Ghana by leaving out Resitech Ltd. They are one of the best companies, specializing in industrial equipment and chemicals. You can locate them in Accra, Nsawam Road, Opp. Telecom University, Tesano, with the telephone number 233591324056. They have a good relationship with their customers and always offer discounts to their loyal customers. 


5. Portmasters Limited

This local machine shop in Ghana can be located in Takoadi and Accra. They provide goods relating to the safety of a worker. They equally provide safety equipment to maritime workers in the country. Visit their official website for any additional information here.


6. Startmax Trade Company

This business is situated in the Greater Accra area of Awoshie. They are the manufacturers and suppliers of dependable machinery that requires less time to operate and utilizes cutting-edge technology for the mass production of high-quality products. This company was formally called the  JOMA CONFECTIONERIES. The company started operating in Nigeria before relocating to Ghana. They’ve been in existence for the past 16 years. They serve as West African manufacturers’ representatives. Depending on their client’s needs, they provide a range of machines to clients throughout the continent.


7. Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., LTD

This company is involved in the supply of variable-speed drives (frequency inverters), servo drives, motor soft starters, and other power electronics. They provide electronics to aid the work of other companies as well as individuals. These companies are the top producers of electronics goods in Ghana, and they provide honest services. Visit their website to verify their work and make a decision. 


8. Mantrac Ghana: Local Machine Shops in Ghana

Are you looking for a distributor of caterpillar-type equipment or parts? Mantrac is the leading local machine shops in Ghana, supplying Caterpillar products. 


Mantrac Ghana Ltd. is the authorized dealer to supply companies and individuals with caterpillar products. They are the genuine authorized supplier of every caterpillar part in the country. Visit their site for more information. 


9. Pasico Ghana Ltd


This is one of the oldest local machine shops in Ghana. It has been operating for the past 60 years in Ghana. They sell all kinds of building materials, ranging from cement to nails. 

Piasco Ghana Ltd gives good services to their customers if you want to buy any. 


10. Supply Master

Are you still thinking about the top local machine shops in Ghana? Supply masters are machinery dealers that help facilitate organizational work. They are an online shop that supplies generators, welding materials, pumping machines, etc. You can visit their website here to get durable machines. 

They are the leading suppliers of welding materials, electric materials, and many others you can mention.