10 Things to Do When You See Signs Your Ex Is Coming Back

Signs your ex is coming back
Signs your ex is coming back

Do you see signs your ex is coming back for you in the relationship? When you’re going through a breakup, the last thing you want to see from your ex is signs that they might be coming back after the breakup.

After all, it’s hard enough to deal with the heartbreak of losing someone you love without having to constantly wonder if you’ll have to deal with them again soon.

But although these signs are hard to see sometimes, when you look closely, there are some unmistakable hints that your ex may come crawling back after the breakup.

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1) Expect it

The first step towards reaching a goal is deciding what it’s going to look like. The first step your ex is coming back for you (or any other change, for that matter) involves envisioning how it’s going to happen and what getting back together will feel like.

Expect it! Work on it. See yourself with your ex and act as if you are with him or her again.

If you don’t expect it, then why would it ever happen? Instead of just wishing and hoping that your ex comes back to you after a breakup, think about what he or she will say when they come back.

Think about how happy you’ll be when they finally realize that breaking up was a mistake. That way, when your ex does come begging for forgiveness, you can tell them I knew you were coming back all along!


2) Wait it out

The best time to decide whether or not to take him back is after he has had enough time away from you. If he can’t stay away, even with your absence as motivation, it doesn’t bode well for a healthy relationship.

Take that as a sign it’s time to move on and start again, stronger and more confident than ever before. When he finally does come crawling back, don’t be so quick to forgive him.

After all, if you want him back in your life, there’s no reason why you should let him off easy. It could be a good idea to establish some ground rules right off the bat—especially if his previous infidelity was something of an open secret between both of you.


3) Make yourself irresistible

Sometimes getting your ex back isn’t about doing anything. If he still wants you, but something keeps him from reaching out, then all you have to do is make yourself irresistible.

Your heartbreak may not go away just because he comes back, but at least it will be soothed a little. So don’t sit around moping and waiting for him to call—get busy with life! Do whatever makes you happy: Go on dates with friends, take up a new hobby, or join an exercise class.

And if there are things that used to bring you and your ex together—like favorite restaurants or activities—do those things again! It might seem like overkill, but that kind of attention can only help his interest in you grow stronger.

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4) Don’t lose hope

Don’t give up just yet. If they walked out of your life, they may be on their way back. According to numerologist David Meyer, Fifty percent of all lovers’ quarrels that reach an impasse end with a reunion within six months.

So if he or she has left you, watch out for these 10 signs that your ex is coming back for you. The odds are in your favor! It’s easy to despair after a breakup, but don’t give up hope.

Never lose faith, says New York City-based psychic Laurie Efrein. You will win them back. Just make sure you follow her advice and not take any unnecessary risks until your love interest comes back into your arms—safely and securely.

There’s no need to jump into another relationship prematurely; it’s important to be emotionally ready before making any big decisions like starting over with an ex. Take heart: It won’t always feel like it now, but someday soon you’ll realize how much better off you are without him or her—and then you’ll know that waiting was worth it.


5) Bask in the Light of their mistakes

Everybody has flaws, but it’s easy to forget that fact when you are intimately involved with someone. When they break up with you, it’s common to get bogged down in focusing on their shortcomings and fall out of love with them as a result.

But don’t! Remember what attracted you to them in the first place and be thankful for all that they brought into your life. The universe will reward you by giving you another chance at love if you let it.


6) Don’t blame yourself, but learn what went wrong

All breakups are bitter, but some can be even more distressing than others. If you’re struggling with a breakup, it might be because you don’t understand what went wrong. The first step toward closure is self-awareness: You need to understand exactly why it didn’t work out between you and your ex before moving on.

Was it something you did? Or something he or she did? Or was there just no chemistry? Once you have that figured out, there are steps you can take to prevent similar problems in future relationships.

For example, if your past relationship failed because of poor communication skills or lack of trust, then make sure those issues aren’t present in any new relationships.


7) Take risks by being fearless

Make some bold moves like going on a weekend getaway with friends without informing him. Whatever it takes, break out of your routine and change up your life in ways that will keep him wondering if he’s missed his chance.

Expose yourself in situations where there’s no way for him not to notice you – like attending social events where he has a chance of running into you. This may send an unsubtle message, but at least it’ll get across!

If you feel brave enough, initiate contact. If you still have each other’s phone numbers or emails, reach out first before he does. Just don’t be surprised if he doesn’t respond right away; take time to regroup after being rejected by him so many times before.


8) Practice self-love

After a breakup, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the negativity that comes along with feeling hurt, lost, and rejected. It’s natural (and important) to feel bad about what went wrong, but it’s also vital that you make sure you care for yourself in healthy ways.

Sometimes self-love means being gentle with yourself and crying if needed; other times it means getting out there and taking risks so that you don’t let heartbreak cripple your social life.


9) Give them space to come back on their terms

Give them some space and be willing to let them come back on their terms. If they’re ready, they will come to find you. If they want space, respect that and give it to them.

You can always try sending small reminders from time to time (such as a text message or like on a social media post) as long as it isn’t overwhelming for them (or for you).

Even if you don’t get a response back, it might help them remember how much they loved being with you in the first place. It could also show that you’re not desperate or clingy—which could make him more interested in getting back together with you.


10) Enjoy how happy you are without them and don’t settle!

It’s really hard to believe that someone you once loved so dearly could have hurt you so much. Still, it’s important to remind yourself of how great your life is without them.

Remember all of those times they made you feel bad about yourself, for not being perfect enough? The thoughts and feelings that used to consume their every moment? Those feelings won’t be there anymore—and for good reason!

You deserve better than what they gave you. You deserve happiness and peace, which is exactly what you’ll find when he comes crawling back to you. And if he doesn’t come back, remember: You don’t need him anyway! But to know your ex is coming back for you is what is shared here for you.

You are worthy of love!: One of the most common reasons people stay in relationships with people who treat them poorly is because they don’t think anyone else will ever love them again. But we promise: That isn’t true at all!