8 Ways to Overcome Self-Hatred

overcome self-hatred

Have you ever told yourself, I’m not lucky before? Have you u reprimand yourself for not making it in certain tasks? How do you overcome the self-hatred you’re battling with?

It is not easy, sometimes we tend to hate ourselves for not being able to accomplish something or perform certain tasks. We become dejected and so worried that we don’t feel good about ourselves. We love to mingle and fraternize with people and say positive things like you are a vanquisher, you made it, I’m proud of you. These are the things we do tell others for being able to achieve something.

You aren’t alone; I have also been a prey of self-hatred before. I can’t watch you suffering while I have been able to overcome it. Marry me let’s uproot self-loathing together.

Below are the 8 ways to overcome self-hatred.

  1. Change Your Mindset and Overcome Self-Hatred

“Change your thinking and you will change your life” – Brian Tracy

Your mind is 80% negative about yourself, why?

Can you tell me why you love others and hate yourself?

If you don’t have any tangible reason, then you should psych your mind. Offload all the negative things from your mind and fill them with positive things.

Shifting your mindset from negativity to positivity is the best way to overcome self-hatred.

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2. List down The Positive Things You Will Tell Yourself

 Have you received healthy compliments about yourself before? How did you feel when they passed such comments about you?

Write down all the positive things people say about you. Get a book or journal and write it down. Anytime you feel dejected or down reflect on them. Self-hatred is an enemy to your well-being. List down positive things like I am the best, I am amazing, I can do it, I look splendid, I am the luckiest person, everyone likes me. These are the things you need to say to yourself if you want to overcome self-hatred.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

 We were not created the same and for that matter, we cannot be the same. Even if I may ask, why are you comparing yourself to others?

If you mistakenly correlate yourself to others, you will not appreciate your own. Don’t look at how wealthy or beautiful someone is and compare yourself with them. It is so because they worked for it or that’s how they were created. Stop hurting yourself for the sake of others. Embrace who you are and work for what you want. Look into the mirror and say to yourself I am rich, I am beautiful and I am going to make things happen for me.

4. Treat Yourself like Your Friend

 “ Do unto yourself, the way you want to do unto your bosom friend”.- Atta Frank

Loving others, begin with loving yourself. How you congratulate and cheer your friends up, do the same for yourself. Say well done and reward yourself for being able to achieve the task. Love yourself than anyone else on this earth. You can attain greatness by simply loving yourself.

5. Spend Time with Positive People

 Which type of people do you hang out with? Are they impacting you negatively or positively?

Sometimes self-hatred comes as a result of associating with negative people. Those people who talk about negative things and hardly say positive things. Vanish from such people; they are the ones causing the negativity in your life. Run away from these toxic people and enjoy your life. Appreciate the things you do and be proud of yourself.

6. Challenge Negative Thinking 

 I hate the word negative because it devours and kills you. It’s about time you begin to challenge any negative thoughts that might pop up in your mind. If any negative words come into your mind, scamper them with positive words. The words you say to yourself are either going to make you or break you. Contest negativity with positivity by so doing, you will be able to combat self-hatred. Your Life is going to mess up if you continue to hate yourself.

7. Practice Meditation

 Meditation is the best way to combat self-hatred. Having a quiet time to reflect on yourself and meditate will help you to know what you luck and the things you have been able to achieve. Fuse in your mind with positive words. Wake up early in the morning and reflects on your own life. Focus much on the good things you were able to do and reward yourself. At least, meditate for about 21 days and you will see a massive improvement in your life concerning self-hatred.

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8. Seek Help

 There is a saying that “Those who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool but those who know not and know that he knows not is wise teach him”

This implies that we have to admit and seek help rather than keeping to ourselves when we don’t know something. If you have done all that you can but to no avail, try reaching out to people for help maybe they might be of help to you. Don’t keep it to yourself. Seek help from the people you know who have more experience than you. Self-hatred is something you have to eradicate from your life. Let people come to your aid if it becomes unbearable.

In all, you have to understand that you can’t achieve anything enormous if you hate yourself. If people are not appreciating you, appreciate yourself. If they don’t like you, like yourself. If they don’t applaud you, applaud yourself. If they don’t care about you, care for yourself. People will hate you, it’s okay. They will make fun of you, it’s okay. However, if you do these things to yourself, then remember you have become your biggest enemy. Change your mindset, don’t compare yourself to others, list down positive things you will tell yourself, be treat yourself like your best friend, spend time with positive people, challenge negative thinking, practice meditation, and seek help. These are the surest way to combat self-hatred.


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