What is the Sign of a Fake Friend? 15 Ultimate Signs to Know

Sign of a fake friend


Check your phone and tell me how many friends you have on your contact list? Among all those friends, how many of them are real, and how many are fake?

Well, if you are scrambling to identify them, permit me to be your Angel to guide and fish out those fake friends from your list.

Below are 15 signs to know a fake friend.

1. They Are Not Committed

Friends are meant to be there for each other, whether in good or bad times. Even though, some emergencies might prevent them from attending to you. But a committed friend will find a way to be there for you. If your friend isn’t committed to you, then is a sign of a fake friend.

  1. They Talk At Your Back 

I prefer a friend who will criticize me in my presence to a friend who will speak badly in my absence. One sign of a fake friend is to praise you when you are with him but the moment you leave, they will start to gossip about it.

  1. They Come To You When They Are In Need

Real friends will be with you both in good and bad times. They call, text, and chat with you to know your well-being. Fake friends will only chat with you when they are in need or want you to do something for them. As a matter of fact, a sign of a fake friend is what you see as awful to do.

  1. They Prefer Others to You 

According to Readbeach, “Fake friends show their true colors when they don’t need you anymore.”

Have you and your friends attended an event and at the end when they saw a different person and have abandoned you before?

This should raise a red flag. It means they will surely leave when you need them.

  1. They Make You Feel Horrible About Yourself

Friends are supposed to encourage one another. Some friends make you feel terrible about yourself. They discourage you and make you feel bad all the time. Such is a sign of a fake friend. Real friends will motivate and make you feel good about yourself.

  1. They Don’t Celebrate With You                                                                           Real friends ensure they help you to win. They celebrate success concurrently and motivate you when you lose. When you win, fake friends say bad things about you and say things like “Everyone can do it”. If you are with such a friend, then expect your downfall.

7.  They Seep Your Energy

One of the things fake friends do is that they drain your energy. They always use you to get what they want and afterward, they disappear. You will only see them when they want to use you again. Shun away from such friends and save your energy.

  1. They Are Pretentious

Sign of a fake friendIf you are walking with a proud friend, people will also see you as a proud person. Fake friends think they are always right, they see themselves to be above anyone. Disrespectful friends are not meant to be with you. When a friend continues to disrespect you and your close relatives, understand that’s a sign of a fake friend.

  1. They Are Always Right 

A friend who doesn’t want to accept his mistakes and wrongdoings shouldn’t be on your friend’s list, part ways with them. They seemed to be right all the time, even when you spot their error and try to tell them, they get angry and go to the miles of insulting you. Such is not a friend to be with.

  1. They Are Not Ambitious

Another sign of a fake friend is a lack of ambition. Those with the vision are the ones that always make sure they achieve their goals.

Even if there is no opportunity, they try their possible best to ensure they create some. Real friends are the ones who are busily working on their goals.

  1. They Gossip About Others

If you are walking with a friend who always gossips, then you should know that your privacy is in danger. Once they are badly speaking about others, is rest assured that it will turn to you. Distance yourself from them before your personal information gets to the lips of the general public.

  1. They Are Fault Finders

Fake friends look for the fault in you or others. If everything you do they have problems with it, they are not your true friend. An ideal friend is the one who that ensures after spotting a problem, they help you to rectify it. They don’t watch you but assist you to solve it.

  1. They See You as the Cause of Their Failure

This is one of the bad attributes of a fake friend. They blame others for their problems. They don’t want to accept that they are the cause of their problems. Fake friends portion blame on others when they fail.

  1. They Complain a Lot                                                                                             One of the easiest ways to spot fake friends is when they complain about almost everything. No matter what you will do for them, they will still find something to say about it.

15.  They Are Not Trustworthy

This point is very imperative. Fake friends cannot be trusted with your essential information. If you have a friend who can’t keep your secret, show them the exit because he is showing a sign of a fake friend.

They will unveil everything the moment you have a small issue with them. Genuine friends are the ones that protect your privacy irrespective of the grievances you may have with them.

Living with fake friends will not only affect you but your entire career. Fake friends are toxic, detrimental, and tantamount to your success. Use the above-listed points to get rid of them.

Can you also share some sign of a fake friend you know? Or do you have anything to add or questions to ask? Leave them in the comment section.