Breaking: Power-One the Fetish Priest Killed and Buried 3 People

Money rituals are now eating into the minds of so many people in Ghana. The quick spread of infographics is now putting pressure on people to get money. A great fetish priest and leader of Power House was busted by the Criminal Investigative Department ( CID) for killing people and burying them in his house.

He is located at Adeiso Sekyi,  Upper west Akyem district, and always appears on TV that he can help people become rich with no blood. He promises to give money for free and nothing like blood sacrifice in his work. a young man went to him to search for fortune money but power failed and turn to kill him and buried.

The obsession minister, known as Power-One, matured 40, and his associate whose name was given exclusively as Famous, matured 36, drove the police to the town to uncover the bodies following their capture on April 30.


As per a police source, on January 15, 2020, the spouse of the beneficiary answered to the police that her better half ventured out from home on January 10, 2020, and all endeavors to follow his whereabouts had been demonstrated useless.

The police sent off a full-scale examination to find the missing retired person’s whereabouts and understood that the last call he made was to an area close to Adeiso so the police went to the area and figured out how to find the collector who is the fixation minister.

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