We Want Our Money: National Food Suppliers for Free SHS Blast the Government Over Non-Payment and Empty Promises

Information reaching worldtrending247 is that the National Food Suppliers for Free SHS has reaffirmed its determination to stage a protest at the headquarters of the National Food Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO) if their long-overdue payments spanning two years are not settled.

This new development follows a meeting between the association and the Minister of Education, during which NAFCO expressed intentions to secure funds from the Finance Ministry for payment.

Kwaku Amedume, the spokesperson for the National Food Suppliers Association, emphasized that they will not be swayed by mere assurances.

He revealed that the agencies responsible for disbursing the outstanding payments have consistently made empty promises to the association’s members. He said that their frustration has reached its tipping point, and they can no longer tolerate such unfulfilled pledges.

“They have been giving us the same story over and over again for the past two years and we won’t take it anymore. They make promises of organizing funds, releasing funding, and scheduling meetings. We have also gone through all these processes required and have also received countless promises, but we’re still stuck in the same position. So, it’s not enough for us to simply believe that we are satisfied. Until we have the money in our hands, we cannot trust that we will be paid,” stated Mr. Amedume in an interview with Citi News.

He further emphasized the urgency of the matter, highlighting the fact that the face value of their money is declining over time. As the days go by, the money owed to the National Food Suppliers Association continues to lose its purchasing power because of the high inflation in the country.

In light of this, the association’s primary concern is to receive their long-overdue payments and witness concrete actions, rather than accepting empty promises.

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To show their seriousness, the association issued a 14-day ultimatum to the National Food Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO) on Africa Union (AU) Day, which falls on May 25.

If the outstanding eighteen months’ arrears are not settled within this timeframe, the members of the association have vowed to picket at the premises of the Buffer Stock until their payments are made.

The National Food Suppliers Association’s unwavering stance reflects the frustration and financial strain its members have endured for an extended period. As they continue to demand their rightful compensation, the association remains resolute in seeking swift action from the authorities involved.

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The ball is now in the National Food Buffer Stock Company NAFCO’s court to deliver on its commitment to obtaining the necessary funds and finally fulfill its outstanding obligations to the food suppliers.