33 structures at Gbetsile were discovered with illegal connections by ECG


Earlier today, May 31, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Afienya District boldly decided to visit the Gbetsile, community within Accra, to apprehend all persons perpetrating crimes of illegal connection and disconnect those structures.


So far, they discovered about 33 structures with illegal connections to the ECG power This discovery was made during ECG’s ongoing national revenue mobilization exercise, which began on May 29, 2023, and is scheduled to conclude on June 2, 2023.


Upon encountering ECG personnel, the customer quickly fled the scene. However, the illegally connected meters were located outside the customer’s premises, allowing the ECG team to access them. ECG officials engaged with the residents in the area and learned that some individuals had been paying for the power they were using to the owner of the meter on a monthly basis.

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The public relations officer for the ECG in the Tema Region called upon the offender to present themselves at the Tema Regional Office of ECG for further action. It was also discovered that perpetrators of this crime had taken it upon themselves to distribute power to the other 33 structures in the vicinity. bypassing the meter entirely. This means that all the energy consumed by these structures did not pass through the meter, allowing the users to evade payment for the electricity they were utilizing.


Because the customers who did this had managed to escape, hence the ECG was unable to apprehend them on the spot. However, they have served a summons letter and requested that the customer report to the Tema ECG office.

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Illegal power connections pose a significant challenge for utility companies worldwide. Not only do they result in revenue losses, but they also burden honest customers who end up shouldering the financial burden of those who illegally tap into the power grid. In this case, the ECG is taking decisive action to tackle the issue and ensure that all users pay their fair share for the electricity they consume.


The ECG’s national revenue mobilization exercise is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to address issues of power theft and unauthorized connections. By conducting these exercises periodically, the ECG can identify and rectify instances of illegal power usage, safeguarding the integrity of the power supply system and maintaining a fair and sustainable electricity distribution network.


The ECG encourages all customers to adhere to the laws and regulations governing power consumption and payment. Any suspicions of illegal connections should be reported to the ECG authorities promptly, enabling them to take appropriate action and maintain a reliable and affordable power supply for all customers.