Hilarious: The Best Farmer Given A Bicycle And Assorted Items


Today marks the 37th day of the farmer’s awards in Ghana. This day is set aside to acknowledge and appreciate the hardworking farmers in the country. The government of the republic uses this day as the best time to appreciate the great works of our farmers and their contribution towards national development.

After going through the various districts, regions, metropolitans, and communities, greater Accra best farmer has sparked a controversy of its kind.

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In the video seen, the awardee was welcomed by the Municipal Chief Executive and was given a bike, a backpack sprayer, and a certificate. This surprising development appears differently in relation to the standard presence of a work vehicle, auto, or collectors, all of which might have supported the rancher.

These awards and celebrations come off every first Friday in the month of December each year. It is really sad seeing a whole overall best farmer receiving a common bicycle not even motorcycles as an award.

What is the motivation to become a farmer in a country that has less concern for the farmer? In other countries, farmers are well recognized and given more incentives to boost their business.  No wonder food prices keep on increasing since many farmers are running out of industry to fight for their lives.

A country that neglects farmers will have a food crisis because many of the farmers will abandon the industry to try other options. Ghana’s government must work to change the status quo of enough farmers’ motivation than what we are seeing currently.

It is not late to make the right decision for the upkeep of our farmers. This award sends awful signals to another part of the world. Let’s see farming as a profession but not a curse.

Watch the Video Below