Vote Count Indicates That Adam Barrow Takes Lead in Gambia Elections

Report from the Gambia elections indicates that Adam Barrow is in a slim lead on the just-ended elections.

This was Gambians first democratic election since Yahya Jammeh was voted out of office in 2016.

After Jammeh got defeated by Adam Barrow, he fled to Guinea without accepting his defeat. As we talk, Gambians adopted a new way of voting with marbles to avoid ballot papers being spoilt.

Gambia elections

It sounds ridiculous but they all agreed to that form of election. Research also showed that the majority of the citizens are illiterate to follow the modern form of elections aside from the marbles being used.

The incumbent president Barrow cast his vote at Banjul including his two spouses who were by him.  He is in his 56th year and was a security guard now a president.

Provisional results started dropping yesterday indicating the lead of the incumbent in the just-ended elections. It is not yet confirmed by the independent electoral commission that Barrow has won but he is leading now.

So far, no report of any unfortunate situation in the elections, though Daboe called his supporters to remain calm.  He indicated to his supporters to understand the effect the elections may have on tourism if something bad happens.

Gambia elections

Primer outcomes from four of the 53 electorates showed Barrow ahead of the pack with 411000 votes versus Darboe’s 6,188, the electoral commission’s director, Alieu Momarr Njai, said on state TV in the early long stretches of Sunday.

Before the commencement of the election, the official from the electoral commission showed the empty drums before all started.

The Gambia is the smallest country and has about 2.5 million people in the country. Almost 1 million people registered to vote in the just-ended elections.

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As the campaign ended on Thursday, thousands of Barrow’s supporters gathered hoping that he should have another term to ensure stability in the Gambia.

There were also other candidates who stood for the elections including Issah Mbye Faal.  Mgye was the former council of Gambia’s Truth Reconciliation.

Critics also came that Barrow broke his promise since he promised only 3 years term in office after winning the 2016 elections. Barrow also responded that he needs 5 years to complete his work as a president.

We hope to see total peace from the Gambia Elections without chaos. The latest information indicates that the opposition is not happy with the results and not willing to endorse the results.

The electoral commission argues that there is no way the election can be rigged due to the procedure adopted. The opposition called an emergency meeting on the elections.