Hilda Baci is Officially Awarded the Worlds Longest Cooking Marathon 2023

Hilda Baci is Officially Awarded for Worlds Longest Cooking Marathon 2023

After several weeks of review of all evidence gathered, the Guinness World Record has finally confirmed that Hilda Baci is officially Awarded for World’s Longest Cooking Marathon. Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known to many as Hilda Baci, is now the record holder of the title for the longest cooking marathon with a time schedule of 93 hours, 11 minutes.

Hilda is 26 years from Nigeria and a chef precisely. She began this challenge on Thursday, May 11, 2023, and continued through Monday 15, 2023 cooking with over 100 pots of food during the longest cooking hours for four days.

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From her records, she was attempting to use 100 hours of cooking, but almost 7 hours of the process were deducted from the process because some hours were mistakenly for rest by her.

As it is accepted by all ‘the world’s longest cooking marathon’ records, use five minutes as resting time for every one-hour process. It was her process too, Hilda could use some of the time in the bathroom and some were used for sleeping. All these breaks are accumulated and deducted from her process.

Previously, an Indian lady Lata Tondon used 87 hours and 45 minutes to win the award in 2019. This young lady has finally broken the records and placed Nigerian youth to chase their dream. This is amazing and inspiring to see a lady of her age win such an award.

Young women, see Hilda’s achievement as motivation and chase your dream. “I decided to break this record to push my limits and test my abilities,” Hilda said.

From the records, Hilda prepared 35-item menus to guide her in every meal she wanted to prepare. She also got all her ingredients arranged before she started this journey. She also had her team well arranged to help her in procuring the items for the process to move well.

Her records break took the world and social media by storm and she even got millions of Instagram followers. Prominent people around the world supported this young lady with their support and shared her great work.

The Guinness World Records website got crashed for two days due to the massive traffic from the fans of Hilda Baci. It is during her time that we saw the support of many high-profile Nigerians like the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo; Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian musician; the Governor of Lagos State.

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The Guinness World Records indicated on the website that Hilda was required to follow certain rules during her record-breaking process and some of these include:

  • There must be two items or food being prepared during the time of work.
  • A sous-chef is allowed to assist with prep work, cleaning the kitchen, and washing up, but the entire cooking process must be done by the person attempting the record.
  • All the food prepared by the attempting record breaker must be consumed after cooking.

In view of this, Hilda invited the public to eat all that she prepared and even donated the rest to Festus Fajemilo Foundation. She had the intention to make it free for all and feed those people who are less privileged.

Hilda Baci graduated from Madonna University in Nigeria with a degree in sociology. She decided to join a culinary career after graduating from the University. She disclosed her inspiration comes from her mother Lynda Ndukew who is also a chef.

From her past records, she went from fame to fame, success to success, and she even hosted a famous television show, Dine on a Budget in 2020. She also won the Jolof Face-off Competition in 2021. Hilda was able to beat another contestant Leslie Kumordzie from Ghana to claim victory.

Currently, in 2023, Hilda is awarded for World’s Longest Cooking Marathon award 93 hours and 11 minutes. We at worldtrending247.com, congratulate Hilda Baci for her achievement.

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