Kevin Taylor Won His Case against Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong a member of parliament for Assin Central dragged Kevin Taylor the Chief Executive Officer of the Loud Silence Media and With All Due Respect to court over alleged defamatory comments. Kevin Taylor won his case after the MP case was thrown out.

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Kennedy Agyapong demanded the court award him $ 9.5 million if Kevin lost the case. A fifteen-page document was filed at the United States District Court at the Eastern District Court of Virginia. The MP sued Kevin Taylor over a series of false and defamatory statements. 

In the case, it was said that Kelvin Taylor and his entire organization on several occasions referred to the Member of Parliament as a murderer, drug dealer, thief, and other unprinted words.

Statements made by the defendants are defamatory and have been repeated on various social media platforms. Other institutions have shared or republished these false statements.

Defendants falsely stated that Plaintiff had extreme harm to their reputation due to the statements in his lawsuit.

The suit argues that the alleged statements made by the defendants are false and offensive, which harms the reputation of the plaintiffs.

The legislator wants Kevin Taylor to be restrained from posting anything more hurtful and has him apologize. Kevin Taylor explains why a criticizing person in a position of power is a good thing.

However, the federal courts according to Loud Silence TV, it was thrown out because the case lacked merits. A document published on shows that Kennedy Agyapong has no case to battle with Kevin Taylor. 

It further stated that he can apply for a review of the case if he has other proof against the rulings made by the court. According to the court, it was undisputed that Kennedy Agyapong is a known public figure and Taylor’s comments were made based on the public concern.

The court further explained that the complainant did not present factual material to show the case made against Taylor was actual malice. Kennedy Agyapong has up to 60 days to appeal if he still has any proof against the current ruling. Read for your understanding.