Shata Wale Hit Hard On Bulldog

Shata Wale Hit Hard On Bulldog

New information reaching Worldtrending247 indicates that Shata Wale hits hard on Bulldog again over his recent comments on the yet-to-be-released Album (G.O.G Album).

Charles Nii Armah popularly known as Shata Wale hits hard on Bulldog, using his recent Facebook lives. Shata Wale is one of the greatest musicians in Ghana with a fan base called SM4Life. He is also seen as a controversial artist since he doesn’t keep things for himself.

Shata Wale talks when it is necessary and wouldn’t mind your level in life or structure if only you offend him. In a recent comment on his formal manager Bulldog which was made in a radio discussion, Shata Wale insists that his formal manager did not make sense of that comment.

What Bulldog said made him pissed off by praising Black Sheriff and condemning his music as well as Sarkodie. His new album G.O.G album is yet to be released which Bulldog got commenting on.

Bulldog’s comment was that, looking at the reach of Black Sheriff on his released Album, “The Villain I Never Was”, according to him, will go further and reach a wider audience than Sarkodie’s yet-to-be-released JAMS and Gift of God Album from Shata Wale.

This is his full comment on the radio that got Shata Wale mad at him. “I woke up this morning and I said to you, this month of October is a serious month. Because we have three f our artists releasing, Black Sheriff will be releasing, Sarkodie will be releasing in a few days, and then Shata will release. On top of my head, Black Sheriff will do better than all of them.

If you look at the numbers, Black Sheriff has a label, Shata is about to complete with Empire, and Sarkodie is about to complete on a record label. They don’t have the strength to do that. Unless some miracles will make them do what Sheriff will do.”

The above got Shata Wale hits hard on Bullet calling him names and insults. He responded earlier with a Facebook post that if Blacko’s album will do better than theirs, they like it. Because at the end of the day, Ghana wins, foolish people said, Shata Wale.