Ghanaian Drill, Highlife, and Afrobeat added In New Grammy Category For 2024 Grammy Awards

The Recording Academy, renowned as the Grammy Awards, declares an innovative expansion to its prestigious accolade system, guaranteeing appropriate recognition for African music.

The announcement of a novel category dedicated to Afrobeats and music originating from Africa generates enthusiasm and optimism among Ghanaian artists aspiring to establish their global presence.


The esteemed Academy recently discloses three novel additions to the 2024 Grammys, scheduled for the 66th GRAMMY Awards.

These additions encompass the category of Best African Music Performance, acknowledging exceptional recordings that incorporate distinctive regional influences from throughout the African continent.

The Grammy team made an effort in making Afrobeat added in new Grammy Category For 2024.

This category includes an extensive array of genres, including but not restricted to Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, Alte, Amapiano, Genge, Kizomba, Chimurenga, Flava, High Life, Fuji, Kwassa, Ndombolo, Mapouka, Bongo, Afro-Pop, Afrobeats, Ghanaian Drill, South African Hip-Hop, Ethio Jazz, Afro-House. This development underscores the abundant diversity and musical heritage Africa offers.

Additionally, the Recording Academy introduces the category of Best Alternative Jazz Album, recognizing artistic excellence in albums that fuse jazz with other genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop, Rap, Electronic/Dance music, Experimental, Spoken Word, and Contemporary Improvisation.

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The objective is to acknowledge and celebrate innovative works that redefine the jazz genre through hybrid, boundary-pushing compositions.

Another inclusion is the category of Best Pop Dance Recording, honoring up-tempo, danceable tracks that adhere to a pop arrangement. Eligible recordings in this category showcase vibrant rhythmic beats, and prominent electronic-based instruments, and emphasize vocal performance, melody, and hooks. It is important to note that dance remixes will only be considered for the Best Remixed Recording category.

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Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, conveys his enthusiasm regarding the modifications, stating, “We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate the creators and recordings in these categories, while also introducing a wider range of music to global fans.” These additions signify a significant stride in acknowledging the talent and innovation emerging from Africa and the global African diaspora.

The Awards and Nominations Committee, comprising Academy Voting Members representing diverse backgrounds and genres, plays a pivotal role in evaluating proposals and ensuring the continuous evolution of the Awards categories, procedures, and eligibility criteria.

As anticipation intensifies for the 2024 Grammy Awards, many Ghanaians remain hopeful that these fresh categories will offer a good platform for local artists in the Highlife and Ghanaian Drill scenes to shine on the global stage.