Consultation Ongoing on The Electronic Levy Tax- Abena Osei Asare

According to the deputy finance minister in charge of revenue collection, there is a great consultation ongoing with the various stakeholders on the e-levy implementation.

She told the media; the finance minister will lay a bill before parliament for the implementation of the bill. It appears many Ghanaians are not happy with this bill where even the minority boycotted the budget but the government still insist to implement the tax.

She said these while cooperating with the media later she showed up before the Public Accounts Committee sitting on Tuesday.

At present there is a stop on the E-Levy later the Minority in Parliament casted a ballot to dismiss the 2022 financial plan. Thusly, the larger part side in parliament casted a ballot to switch the prior choice by the minority and supported the spending plan.

As indicated by Abena Osei, not really set in stone to raise income and another means to do this is the charges.

” Government has dealt with those that are powerless or not very well to pay underneath GHC 100. In any case, we say beneath GHC 3,000 every month. How about we be true with ourselves we as a whole need the streets and clinics so government has concocted measures to address that”.

Signs are that the bill has been adjusted and the clergyman is hopeful an irrevocability will be welcomed on this.

“We will get the bill taking everything into account we will bring it. We have gained generally excellent headway and all will reflect. We should be patient and pause.

“We will take the necessary steps before Parliament rises. So, the Business Committee checks out it and afterward it comes to the floor of the house,” she added.

Now Ghanaians are quite worried with the tax and vehemently opposing the tax due to the luxurious lifestyle of the government and his appointees.  The minority in parliament is still pushing on the government to drop the tax levy concerning the electronic deductions. Until something changes, we will still wait for any miracle to happen.