Coup D’état in Guinea as Military Takeover Alpha Conde Government Alpha Conde

Guinea under the watch of Alpha Conde is now in tatters as the military overthrow the current government. Just on 5th September 2021, the president, Alpha Conde was arrested by the mutineers.

Colonel Mamady Duombouya, a former legionary of the French army who was recalled to Guinea to head the GPS carried this action with his men. The Guinean president, Alpha Conde recently changed the constitution to favor him for the 3rd term in office.

The soldiers on state tv say the constitution of Guinea is dissolved as the president Alpha Conde was detained by the military.

Colonel Mamady Duombouya was the one in lead and said the president is in their custody following hours of gunshots in the capital, Conakry.

Alpha Conde

The military currently has seized control of the government and all borders of the country under their control. The right of citizens now trampled and total disrespect to the democratic rule of the country.

The military officers made the announcement on their state tv to show the overthrown of Alpha Conde’s government.

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Colonel Mamady Duombouya lamented the widespread corruption and the rise of poverty among the citizens as the main reason for the action.

He further explained the Alpha Conde failed to deliver on his promise to the citizenry.

Alpha Conde is 83 years and won the 3rd term in democratic elections held last year October 2020. Why would he change the constitution to get reelection for the 3rd time?

Photos and videos on social media show the president is totally captured by men in uniform from his own government.  Corruption and power drunk are the cause of several military takeovers in the African continent.

Unemployment and poverty are the major friends of the African youth leading them to travel outside their country for survival.

It seems many African leaders in their old age are still not learning from the mistakes of others. They pledge heaven when seeking power but turns their regime to hell for the same people that voted for them.

Alpha Conde turned deaf ears to the cry of the poor one whom he seeks power from and rather turned his government into autocratic and fewer ears for their cry.

At the age of 83, he still wants to enjoy power until his last breath. We are waiting for the statement of the African Union on this happening in the Guinea Republic.

Africa needs leaders of kind heart and we pray this issue is addressed with peace.