I refused Sarkodie’s manager’s Angel Town proposal, Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor has done her thing again by igniting the internet on her usual things. She is back with the allegations that she once bounced Sarkodie’s manager’s proposal to her. She made this revelation in a radio interview with the host, Ohema Woyeje.

It is not only Angel Town but several celebrities, including Dr. Randy Abey, the TV host for Good Morning Ghana, on Metro TV.

Many people are aware of Abena Korkor’s controversies, including her knocking ones, and how her alleged mental health problems startled listeners of King Sark’s manager Anel Town’s proposal.

Many people asked in their comments: Is Abena okay? She is well and in good health, but she detests having to conceal her private life.

Abena Korkor

While the interview was going on, she revealed that she had given Angel Town a showdown instead of accepting his proposal.

She explained why she would not want to date him and declined his advances. Further revelations show that she rejected Angel Town’s proposal because of the approach he made towards her.

“I am Sarkodie’s manager,” she said, expressing her displeasure with the way he approached her. Korkor decided to decline his offer because these remarks did not sit well with her.

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She expressed her sentiment that she loves confident men but not just men who brag. She explained that she wants individuals who have self-confidence and can speak for themselves. She doesn’t want people who walk in the shadows of others.

From her communication with Ohemaa, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to expose some men in her life.

Her most recent statement demonstrates how different she is from others and how she views relationships.

These latest revelations about Abena Korkor have shown how she can act on issues and the best ways she handles personal issues.

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Until Angel Town comes out to explain or throw more clarification, the public will say that Korkor is saying the right thing without malice.

We wait to hear from other’s perceptions and reactions on what Abena Korkor said about Sarkodie’s manager.

Abena Korkor is known for exposing men who had an affair with her especially the married one. Many people regard her as unwell due to her inconsistencies and lack of manners.

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