Stonebwoy released one of the amazing reggae music to advise greedy men in Africa. His music is one of the best reggae music’s I have ever listened to. In less than 3 hours of releasing the greedy men song, he had gotten more than 13k views of his YouTube uploads.

The song emphasized the galamsey menace, water poisoning due to chemicals from galamseyers, cocoa dwindling as a result of environmental pollution. He placed emphasis on these greedy men to think about their future of children.

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He said that because of this illegal mining, that’s why cocoa production is declining. Think about the future children, what kind of legacy you are living for them.


Potassium cyanide that makes its way to the water is the reason why water is poisoned leading to the cause of health problems. He places his sight on the way farmlands are declining and violent rising in our lands.

Many men shall die because of the greed of another man worldwide. What kind of legacy are you leaving for the children, selling and destroying generational wealth? While the masses are suffering, others are busy destroying their future.

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