Tigrayan Rebel Forces getting close to Addis Ababa Ethiopians Capital

The tigrayan rebel forces are getting close to Addis Ababa Ethiopians Capital. According to the media in Ethiopia, The Tigrayan Rebel Forces have seized two towns close to the capital Addis Ababa including Mekele.

Addis Ababa

The Rebel Forces are advancing to the Main Capital. But the Prime Minister has assured all Ethiopians to remain calm and help fight with the Tigrayan rebel forces.


According to Sources the people of Tigray want to break away from Ethiopia. Eritrea was part of Ethiopia but has managed to break away from Ethiopia.


Yesterday the Council of Ministers in Ethiopia Announced a state of emergency in the Country. Tigrayan Rebel forces are fighting with the Ethiopian state forces.

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Several People in Ethiopia are afraid because the Rebel forces are advancing to their main Capital.

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The Tigyayan Rebel Forces are rejoicing over claiming the northern city of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been Sanctioned by the U.S government.


The President Of Uganda is Calling all East African Leaders to meet and discuss the Ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.


The United Nations is demanding an end to the Conflict in Ethiopia.