Top 10 Best Business to Start In Florida (Updated 2023)

Starting a business in Florida can be a great opportunity, as the state has a diverse economy, a large population, and a favorable business climate. It is a great place to start a business and succeed as an entrepreneur. We did our checks to get you the best business to start in Florida this year.

Some ideas for businesses to start in Florida might and the business to invest your money include:


1. Tourism-related business:

Florida is a major tourist destination, with attractions like theme parks, beaches, and golf courses. Starting a business that caters to tourists, such as a hotel, restaurant, or tour operator, could be a good option.

There are so many site attractions places that people visit every day when they are in Florida. Legoland Florida Resort is one of them and it is a theme park with roller coasters, great hotels, water parks, and many other attracted places that attracts tourist from all walks of life.

Other attracted places in Florida that also attracts thousands of tourist includes Pork Museum of Art, Peppa Pig Theme Park, Hollis Garden, Safari Wilderness Ranch, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College, Bok Tower Gardens, Westgate River Ranch Resorts, and many others.

Getting businesses like hotels, restaurants, and other tour operators gives you an upper hand to make money from your investment. The prospective customers will surely buy from you as they pay visits to these nice attractive places.

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2. E-commerce businesses:

With a large and growing population, Florida is a great place to start an e-commerce business. Many will prefer to buy products from your e-commerce platform if you design them nicely and deliver them as promised. There are many opportunities in the state for businesses that sell products or services online.

E-commerce is now a great business that many investors are having their interested in because of its patronage. Do you want the best business to start in Florida? If yes, then venture into the e-commerce business because you will recoup all monies invested with a smiling face.


3. Start Health and wellness business:

Florida’s aging population and focus on health and wellness make it a good place to start a business in the health and wellness industry. Health and well business sells in most parts of the United States. This could include a gym, yoga studio, or health food store.

If you have in mind any form of business relating to the health side, then you must set it up in Florida. As people age, they become health conscious which will lead to a boom in any health and wellness business.

There are some already competitors you may meet if you are interested to start a health and wellness business in Florida. We have a few names which include, Center for Health and Wellbeing, Vegetalienne Health and Wellness Company, LifeWallet, Great HealthWorks, etc. Try to identify the best business to start in Florida and make start to earn enough money.

According to, there are about 1,901 health and wellness companies operating in Florida.


4. Home service business:

There are many opportunities in Florida for businesses that provide home services, such as cleaning, landscaping, or home repair. Home service is some of the best business to start in Florida.

You can start this business but make sure you look at what others are doing differently that you can leverage. Looking at how busy people get to be in terms of their jobs, they will be willing to offer you the opportunity to do their home activities for them.

This is where the opportunity for you to get your business running starts. You can offer the best business you can start from cleaning services, landscaping, home repair, garden services, apartment prepping, interior decorating business, home-inspection services, etc.


5. Food and beverage business:

So you have a great beverage recipe to start as a business? You have to start by scaling up your business, building a solid team of support, having your retain starting to plan, designing how your packaging will be, making sure you advertise your business, and keep doing the right thing.

Now, where do you start? Florida has a diverse food culture, with a mix of local, national, and international influences. Starting a food or beverage business, such as a restaurant, food truck, or craft brewery, could be a good option.


6. Personal services business:

Florida’s large population and busy lifestyle make it a good place to start a personal services business, such as a hair salon, barber shop, or spa. Personal service businesses are the category of business carried out by one corporation or person on behalf of the other.

Also know that starting this form of business attracts tax incentives including fringe benefits. It is a business you can start if you are thinking of the best business to start in Florida.


7. Education and training business:

With a large and diverse population, Florida is a good place to start a business that provides education or training services. This could include a tutoring center, trade school, or language school.

Many people will pay to join to get the skills you are providing. Try to understand how to run the business and the best ways to monetize your business. Florida has a lot of people that will be interested in such services.


8. Event planning and management business:

More people organize programs all the time such as weddings, corporate meetings, etc who will be interested in your services. To start, get your business name, choose your target market, consider the cost of starting, and make sure you have full knowledge of what you want to start.

Florida’s warm climate and numerous venues make it a popular destination for events such as weddings, corporate meetings, and conferences. Starting an event planning or management business could be a good opportunity.


9. Art and design business:

Florida has a thriving arts and design scene, and starting a business in this industry could be a good option. This could include a design firm, art gallery, or artisanal craft business. Do you have any idea about any of these services? It will be a good move to start your own business in any of these fields. Taking a look at this industry, you can invest and make a lot of money in Florida.


10. Technology and innovation business:

The technology industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Choosing this out of one of the best business to start in Florida will help you a lot.

Florida has a growing tech industry, and there are many opportunities for businesses that specialize in technology or innovation. This could include a software development company, a cybersecurity firm, or a startup incubator.