Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kumasi 2023

Garden City is known for its historical background and is one of the top tourist attractions in Ghana. The garden city known by many as Kumasi has so many tourists and we see that every year so many tourists come and the city is really crowded. But when it comes to satisfying hunger, we often wonder where to get that extra tasty treat after a long day at work. Don’t worry if you’re not a tourist; This article also covers city eaters. After a lot of research and reading customer reviews, we bring you a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Kumasi that will give your taste buds the right dining experience.

1. Chinese Restaurant

Han Court is The name of a Chinese Restaurant

The name Han Court Chinese restaurant speaks for itself. Have you ever experienced food poisoning at a roadside restaurant before? Don’t worry because Han Court Chinese Restaurant has the best chefs and the hygiene of the place is first class and the customers are giving good reviews about the site. If you want to try Chinese food with its nice atmosphere, this restaurant is the best choice. This is one of the most excellent restaurants in Kumasi with the highest standards and quality.

Han Court Chinese Restaurant thus tops this list as the best restaurant in Kumasi

Best restaurants in Kumasi
Picture 1: Han Court Chinese Restaurant.


2. KFC

If you want to have a big weekend party with your family, look no further. KFC is one of the most popular restaurants in the country and is known for its chicken. You can enjoy your day at KFC with Krusher or soft drinks or desserts with chicken. Trust me on this one, this restaurant is worth your money and is second in our top 10 restaurants in Kumasi.

best restaurants in Kumasi

3. Noble House

Noble House is one of the most popular hotels in Kumasi but also offers restaurants. They offer both Indian and Chinese delicacies, but their golden fried shrimps and special fried rice is something unforgettable. In addition, their service is excellent and the staff is attentive, polite and helpful. It is a very conducive atmosphere to hang out with family and friends.

Noble House Images

4. Moti Mahal Restaurant

Best restaurants in Kumasi
Moti Mahal Restaurant Images

This place attracts many Indians because of its authenticity and is one of the more affordable restaurants in Kumasi and on our list. The restaurant is very clean and hygienic and the workers there are very friendly and they don’t keep their customers waiting.

You can take your family here for a nice lunch or dinner. They serve all types of Indian food and their Veg- Indian food is something you will like to try out. The restaurant is located at the Top Martins building near the Asafo interchange.

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5. View Bar and Grill

Whether you want to experience American or European cuisine, View Bar and Grill offers you the best. You can also order Chinese food and get the best customer service ever. Their services are very good and their food tastes so good that it will be remembered forever. This is a nice place for you to go out with your people.  View Bar and Grill is ranked fifth (5) in the top 10 best restaurants in Kumasi.


6. Piri Piri Italian Pizza and Pub

10 best restaurants in Kumasi

Piri Piri Italian Pizza and Pub are known for their amazing pizza that will make you fall in love with them. The staff is professional and has good customer relations. You can take your family out for the weekend and spend quality time with them and leave them with a good memory.

We can’t rank the top 10 best restaurants in Kumasi without Piri Piri Italian Pizza & Pub, so it’s number six on this list.

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7.  L’italy Ice Cream & Restaurant

L’italy Ice Cream & the restaurant is where you cannot miss the time of your life. This place offers the best restaurant service in Kumasi. The restaurant is in Kumasi where you can enjoy Italian food and wine, and watch TV. They can provide free Wi-Fi to anyone who joins them as a client. This is the best location for you to hang out with your families and celebrate your parties at L’italy Ice Cream & Restaurant due to the friendly atmosphere and the awesome park structure. The ice cream has about 12 to 18 different places for you to stay long for more.

8. Jofel Catering Services

Jofel Restaurant is located next to Kumasi Airport and is one of the most popular Ghanaian restaurants in Kumasi. The Jofel restaurant is very comfortable and the hygiene is at the highest level. They serve all kinds of Ghanaian and continental dishes. Their Jollof Rice and Chicken is the best part and something you keep ordering.

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9. Momo Pool Bar

Momo’s pool bar with its secluded gardens serves you the best Grills, fried rice, and jollof rice. Momo’s Pool Bar is a cool, trendy, and premium restaurant that most people gravitate towards. In addition, this beautiful and luxurious venue gives you value for money as their bar serves refreshing cocktails and a wide selection of fine wines, and the restaurant food is something you will not forget.

10. Best food in town 

This restaurant is very close to KNUST and serves the best food ever. Their restaurant is so busy with people that they let you order from the menu over the phone, and call to choose the items you want to order. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in KNUST Kumasi. Their waiting time is one of the factors we consider and rate this restaurant 10th among the best 10 restaurants in Kumasi.