Top 10 Digital Payment Companies in the World

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Are digital payment companies legit? With the increasing rate of fraud, companies have also resorted to using technology to protect their funds. We have these to 10 digital payment companies that are protecting public funds from getting locked or rubbed.

With the effective and efficient work done by these companies, customers are shifting conventional physical ways of doing transactions to digital platforms. With just a click with the internet or not, payment can be effected in any part of the world.

Digital payment is not only convenient but also affordable as compared to the traditional form of payment. The risk of losing money using their technology is normally low since most are encrypted in their system.

Smartphones, normal phones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices can be used to transact business under the revolutionary payment system adopted by digital payment companies.

The fortunate side of the story is that one can change details at any place if there is any suspicion of fraud or theft. You can transact business with clients with no any 3rd party involved as a mediator just the system employed.

The technology deployed has also made it simple that you can check your bank balance, check emails and even make purchases or receive money so easily. It has made it simple for people to have digital wallets that can be accessible to all on every side of the world.

What Caused the Rise of Digital Payment Companies?

The surge in digital payment now is a result of smartphone usage, an increase in smart wallets, and the accessibility of booking with digital systems. The taste for digital transactions is driving the taste of consumers due to the privacy involved.

Also, favorable government policies such as the GhanaPay are also making it well acknowledged and driving the consumer’s behavior to shift their demands to the digital transactional sector. The positive rising of the various payments from the traditional payments system to a more conventional experience and personalized payment is gingering the consumer to take it more effectively.

According to the World Bank, digital payment increased from 35% in 2014 to 35% in 2021 during the pandemic period in developing economies. And according to, there is an increase in noncash transactions of up to 13% between 2018 and 2021 and some of these emerging markets’ growth happened in Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Asia. And there is a projected Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) surge in the digital market to 15% between 2021 and 2026.

The 10 Top Digital Payment Companies Globally

1. Amazon Pay

It is a payment platform offered by amazon to its customers, and customers are allowed to use it wherever they want. Amazon customers can use it with just a click of a button to buy any favorite products from amazon stores.

This digital payment platform helps one to make purchases with ease and excellence. Amazon pay is a smart payment platform that makes it easy to buy at any time and anywhere in the world. You can check your account balance and track any goods you buy.

How to Get Amazon Pay

You may not need to have any other account if you already have an amazon account. The account details will be stored in the amazon account for any transaction. You can use the payment method to shop where ever you find yourself.

2. Perfect Money

Some digital payment companies came but they could not survive. Perfect Money is one of the leading digital payment company existed since 2007. It was established for the purpose of receiving noncash transactions.

Perfect money is an online financial service company that helps users to make instant payments easily. It also makes it easier to transfer money on the internet securely without getting hacked.

They are a secured digital payment platform that gives the opportunity for payment to be effected any day or place.

What to know about Perfect Money

  • Perfect money pays money between members on their system easily.
  • You can receive payment on the internet so fast and convenient
  • They are electronic wallets that you can save your money on the internet.
  • PM makes it easier to make payments for goods and services on the internet
  • They stores money in Bitcoin, Gold metal, United States Dollars, and EUR online currency.

How Money Can Be Deposited to PM account

There are several ways to deposit money into your PM account so easy and convenient. You deposit money into your account by bank wire, e-currency payment, instant bank transfer, certified exchange partners ( ie. Money grams, Western Union, or just for cash), cash terminals, Bitcoin, and payment vouchers.

How to Withdraw Money from a perfect money account

Money can be withdrawn through the same deposit platforms shown.  You can get back your funds through, bank wire, bitcoin, instant bank transfers, and all the modes of payment. Visit PM:

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3. Cash App


This is a digital payment platform that allows customers to transfer and receive money through a mobile app. The service is currently available in the UK and the United States of America. These digital payment companies use different and advanced technology to protect customers’ money.

The cash app system performs financial payments to support those who use their platform. They are not financial institutions. You can send and receive money anywhere when you use the platform.

Those who patronize this system too can use their account balance or account to make shopping in the online market. The cash app also helps customers to buy bitcoin and stocks so easily.


4. Mastercard Inc.

This is another great digital payment company that works globally with innovation and technology.  It is the second-largest corporation worldwide. It offers a variety of digital payments and works closely with financial institutions in any part of the globe.

Mastercard works with governments and businesses around the world in terms of payments and beyond to help people have a better life.

Mastercard is the greatest digital platform that has gone beyond only cash but digital currencies including crypto businesses.

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5. Visa Inc.

Visa Inc. is a multinational financial institution that facilitates electronic funds transfers. They are among the leading digital payment companies that are well-vested in terms of digital payment and receiving funds.

You can receive cash and check in digital form using their platform. Starting in 1958, this company continues to explore and made great changes in digital financing. The expansion of visa international work started in 1974 when debit cards were also introduced in 1975.

Visa Inc. works globally with over 200 countries where their services are available on digital platforms. Their purpose remains to uplift everyone, everywhere by being the way to get payment done and be paid as well.


6. PayPal 

Paypal uses an encrypted form and allows payment to be made between clients online. Users of the platform can buy goods and services by using their PayPal balance to make payments. Due to their strict rules to avoid fraud and crimes, they have banned some countries from using their services for payment.

PayPal can be used by android or apple device users. They charge fees for both business users and individuals using their services. Their services can be trusted and used by many. Visit their Website:

7. Fiserv, Inc.

They are one of the leading financial service technology companies based in the United States of America, Wisconsin. The company has about 10,000 financial institutions as its clients and works with governments and agencies.

They are known to be performing more than 12,000 transactions per second and have about 6 million merchants globally using their services. Check them out:


8. Apple Pay

This company works similarly to other digital payment companies like google pay and amazon pay. Their services are only available on apple devices. Users of their services can keep money in their apple wallets and use it to buy products or services with them.

Funds available in apple pay can account is transferrable to bank accounts so easily. This service is available for those who have an account on it.


9. Skrill

Skrill is a digital wallet created in 2001 for digital payment. You are allowed to make payments and receive payment easily when you are using skrill. It is a digital platform that allows you to make payments online with noncash.

Payment can be made using cryptocurrency or cash in your digital account wallet. They operate in over 131 countries and over 40 currencies. Check out their site:


10. Stripe, Inc.

Stripe payment platforms allow you to make payments online and receive payments online. This company was founded in 2010. They use API-empowering online platforms to make payments and receive payment where ever you find yourself. Visit their official site to sign up: