8 Ridiculous Rules about How to Approach a Girl

Thinking of talking to a beautiful woman in any location requires a little bit of technical effort. A lot of information manuals out there on how to approach a girl make it so difficult in about to address it. Today, you can approach any girl you meet easily either online or physically after going through this piece of information we have for you.

Approaching a woman is not a world cup or any tournaments that seem to be tough to the last. It seems to me it is the easiest thing that others use to say about it. I will be sharing the most expected things on how to approach a woman you want to be in a relationship with.

1. Warm up to overcome Nervousness

Approaching someone you don’t know maybe a bit strange and weird. Chill up and take a deep breath to meet him with your reason. Before you step forward, build your confidence well to avoid being embarrassed by nervousness.

Confidence is a great tool for how to approach a girl you are yet to meet. You will need the confidence to break the barriers of talking to her with ease. Confidence is not pride but the ability to do the right thing with more self-charisma.

Before you even approach her, carefully look at your body hygiene. It may take you by surprise that hygiene can allow her to reject talking to you.


2. Plan Before you approach

Don’t get to her before starting to plan what you want to say because she may reject your conversation. When you plan very well, you will not be pushed away by the looking and facial expressions she may give to you.

It may be a bit tough when approaching someone you don’t actually know but nothing should take over you. As you already have confidence, you will be able to guard and succeed in your approach.

When you meet her and open the conversation with her, go straight to the point and keep the other side of your discussion aside. Keep all things aside and go organically.

Be honest and original in your approach to conversation. If she is interested, she will show some signs to know more about you. Some girls hate guys who fake themselves when they approach them. Don’t be part of those boys who are players.

3. Be Smart in What Goes Around Her

Before you even approach her, look at what exactly she is doing. Is she busy working with her phone? Just look smart at what she is engaged with to see whether she may give you listening ears. You have to be curious about your timing it is very important. Look at her demeanor as to whether she is having a welcoming face or not. Meeting a stranger is different from someone you already know so check her actions before stepping forward.

4. Assume the Attraction

Some people have body language that will disperse everyone from approaching. That’s not a yardstick to pull back from approaching a beautiful girl you want to talk to. Some people naturally look serious but you can still study them ad give them a try in approaching.

Assume you have some attraction that will not be rejected. It is normal to be rejected by a lady you approach but not the end of your world. You can read her body language well to determine her stands.

How is her behavior towards you? Is she willing to talk to you or not? You don’t need a seer to tell you how to move on with your conversation after discovering her moves. I she is smiling back at you then you have a good dice. On the contrary, you have to keep things short and leave.

5. Just don’t ask for her contact

That will not work if you meet a lady on your way and ask for her number. She doesn’t know you and will not even do that for a reason. It sounds crazy for a lady just to give you her contact with you not tell her the reason. Go into the conversation with her well. Let her become more than a friend before you can ask for contact.

Rather build an emotional connection with her than just running for her contact. What about getting her contact and she refused to pick up your call or reply to your text? Be opening up one conversation that may lead to the other.

6. Be brief in conversation

Don’t talk as if you’re teaching her in the classroom. Be the straightforward person on issues and let him make the decision. Let me tell you something you may already know. Ladies hate too much talk they just want action.

Just devise a simple strategy that we called a conversational magnet and it is a way of getting her along your conversation and allowing her to believe in you at the first sight. That may not be the favorite day for you but get her to trust your words.

How can you get her to follow?

Craft a message that is sweetened to the ear. Let her know that ladies differ, however, you see her be different even with the way she allowed you to talk.

Ask her questions that require answers. This will help you to know whether she is the lady you can move with. Don’t mind if she doesn’t give you an accurate answer.

Don’t expect to have all the conversations with her on the same day, you need patients. Be bold to know more about her and allow her to also ask you questions.

7. Don’t Repetitive

This may be your first time meeting her so avoid boring kinds of questions. I personally hate that kind of question since it irritates me. Never ask her much about her village, the type of food, favorite colors, and the like. Let her enjoy your conversation would you like to be sponsored to the party, cinema, or watch the champions league finals? This is given you a key to her vault of memory and triggers her to have a second look at you.

8. Get prepared for Discussion later

After all of you have gotten to know yourself better about yourselves, schedule a good time to meet again. Let her understand that you want the best from the discussion you both and maintain your integrity. It will be appropriate to get her contact at this moment and ask in a mature manner “I would like to talk to you on the phone as we leave”. Ladies like guys who seem caring and mature.



This is how to approach a girl you met in an unknown place. The approaches may be different due to the location and the type of program you each other. Meeting someone at the gym may differ from meeting someone at the train station or on a bus.